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  • Are Vaccines Good or Bad -- Natural Health Newsletter
    - 2/7/2015

    Once you begin to treat each vaccination on its own terms, it becomes clear that not all vaccinations are the same and that we may come to different conclusions when looking at them individually.

  • What Causes Cancer?  Natural Health Newsletter
    - 1/17/2015

    A new study announced that it had "proven" that the primary cause of cancer was bad luck—not diet, not environment, not unhealthy habits. The proof, however, may not be what it seems.

  • Natural Remedies For Bacterial & Viral Infections
    - 11/15/2014

    In this report, Jon tells you exactly how he manages his own immune system, prevents infection, and quickly overcomes any pathogens that take hold.

  • Dementia From Pharmaceutical Drugs | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 10/4/2014

    The long-term use of benzodiazepines, prescribed for anxiety and sleep problems, and one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in use today, appears to be linked to an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

  • Ebola Status Report | Special Announcement
    - 9/24/2014

    The maleficent, monger-miners of morbidity are at it yet again, looking to whip people into a frenzy of fear and spread misinformation in the name

  • - 9/20/2014

    We receive thousands of questions every month at The Baseline of Health® Foundation, not to mention the numerous questions received by Baseline Nutritionals.

  • History of Holistic Medicine | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 9/6/2014

    Words matter. Defining the body holistically matters. And letting the medical community and its defenders get away with rewriting the history books in their favor whenever it suits them is just plain wrong--and deadly.

  • Ebola – Not Yet
    - 8/13/2014

    There's no reason for hysteria. The current outbreak of Ebola is highly unlikely to ever become a worldwide pandemic.

  • - 7/7/2014

    It is not unreasonable to say that enzymes are the stuff of life. By allowing reactions to happen at far lower energy thresholds, they make life happen where otherwise there would be none.

  • - 6/21/2014

    Ahh, fasting!!! What has happened to you? But of course, you've become trendy and commercialized…and we all know what that means.