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  • - 9/20/2014

    We receive thousands of questions every month at The Baseline of Health® Foundation, not to mention the numerous questions received by Baseline Nutritionals.

  • History of Holistic Medicine | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 9/6/2014

    Words matter. Defining the body holistically matters. And letting the medical community and its defenders get away with rewriting the history books in their favor whenever it suits them is just plain wrong--and deadly.

  • Ebola – Not Yet
    - 8/13/2014

    There's no reason for hysteria. The current outbreak of Ebola is highly unlikely to ever become a worldwide pandemic.

  • - 7/7/2014

    It is not unreasonable to say that enzymes are the stuff of life. By allowing reactions to happen at far lower energy thresholds, they make life happen where otherwise there would be none.

  • - 6/21/2014

    Ahh, fasting!!! What has happened to you? But of course, you've become trendy and commercialized…and we all know what that means.

  • Mers, The New Coronavirus
    - 5/24/2014

    MERS is unlikely to ever become the terrifying global pandemic that we are all holding our breath for--and that someday will come. It certainly bears watching, but there is little reason to be panicked.

  • weight loss diet plans
    - 5/10/2014

    Medical doctors do not make great dietary counselors because they don't really understand the essence of proper diet them themselves.

  • Doctors Refuse Care
    - 4/26/2014

    When it comes to life, the issue of quantity versus quality is frequently debated. As it turns out, doctors have come down overwhelmingly on the side of quality…but alas, only for themselves.

  • cGMP Quality Control
    - 4/12/2014

    Despite its costs and deficiencies--and they are large and many--being cGMP compliant for supplement manufacturers, retailers, and testing laboratories is important.

  • Canosine Benefits
    - 3/29/2014

    Study after study is now reporting new benefits for carnosine--several dozen in the last year alone.