Health Newsletters & Daily Tips

  • cGMP Quality Control
    - 4/12/2014

    Despite its costs and deficiencies--and they are large and many--being cGMP compliant for supplement manufacturers, retailers, and testing laboratories is important.

  • Canosine Benefits
    - 3/29/2014

    Study after study is now reporting new benefits for carnosine--several dozen in the last year alone.

  • - 3/15/2014

    If you've seen the headlines in the news and on TV over the past several months, you have no choice but to conclude that not only are supplements useless, but in fact, they're downright dangerous.

  • - 3/1/2014

    While everyone is focusing on satisfying their need to buy non-GMO products for personal consumption, it is imperative that we do not lose sight of the larger environmental issues associated with GMO.

  • heavy metals in rice
    - 2/12/2014

    It seems that heavy metal hysteria is reaching an all-time high in the alternative health community--especially since Mike Adams at Natural News published a newsletter attacking "high" levels of heavy metals in brown rice protein products.

  • - 8/24/2013

    Out the thousands and thousands of questions we've received over the last year, I've selected some that I think might be most interesting to share.

  • Benefits of Probiotics for a Healthy Immune System
    - 8/10/2013

    Don’t chase after gimmicks. If you decide to eat things like probiotic enhanced cereals, cookies, or candy, do it because you like the taste, not because you believe it will provide any benefit.

  • MERS, The New Coronavirus
    - 7/27/2013

    There may be something coming in the fall that could change the equation regarding MERS (MIddle East Respiratory Virus).

  • Skin Health
    - 7/13/2013

    In our last newsletter, we explored the anatomy of the skin. In this issue, we'll discuss its physiology…and more particularly, some of the diseases and problems commonly associated with it.

  • skin anatomy & Skin health
    - 6/29/2013

    Your skin is more than just a shrink wrap designed to cover your body. It is a major organ of transportation. It is your first line of defense And it serves as a canary in the coal mine. Let's first explore skin anatomy...