Birth Order Studies

Studies show that the oldest child in a family typically scores higher on IQ tests than the children born after...
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The End of Rinderpest

Rinderpest, a deadly malady that would strike cattle, yaks, water buffalo, and other similar animals, is no more.
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Diabetes Breakthrough

Researchers have discovered that a patient's own stem cells can be put to work to restart insulin production in those...
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Dental X-Ray Worries

Cone-beam CT scanners provide three-dimensional images of the teeth, roots, jaw, and skull -- a much higher doses of radiation.
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Fate Decided in Womb?

According to fetal origins scientists, everything your mother did while you were in her womb affects you throughout the rest...
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Organic VS Conventional

The best small organic companies are being bought up en masse by large corporations looking to exploit the value of...
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Dogs and Fitness

A study from England that suggests owning a dog may encourage children to become more active.
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