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Date: 05/23/2007    Written by: Jon Barron

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I am not overly strong on dairy in general (www.jonbarron.org/weight-loss/natural-health-dairy-diet-delusions). But that said, it all depends on the quality of the yogurt and kefir.

  • Is it organic?
  • Is it made from raw dairy?
  • Better: does it have a lot of added sugar for flavoring?
  • Is it pasteurized "after" culturing to prolong shelf life -- which of course, kills all of the beneficial bacteria?

If you find good quality yogurt and kefir that do more right than not, then they can be a useful addition to your diet -- but, regardless, they will not contain all of the essential strains of beneficial bacteria (such as bifidus) you need. You will still need to supplement with a good probiotic formula.

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    Submitted by R.J. on
    May 24, 2007 - 11:50pm

    I personally believe that if the flavoring is 100% organic raw ""whole"" cane sugar then it's a delicasy without compromise. Of course as you well said, dairy food has to be left as nature intended (i.e. organic, whole, unpasturized, and unhomogenized).
    Keep us informed. Thumbs up!

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