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  • 6/15/2010
    People with mood disorders experience worse depression in the presence of allergies. Learn more about allergy season and dietary supplements that may help to reduce allergy symptoms naturally.
  • 6/12/2010
    Apparently, one out of every 200 people or so who get infected with HIV never comes down with AIDS. Learn more about T-cells and natural immune system boosters with this health blog.
  • 6/10/2010
    Five minutes of exercise in a natural setting--like walking in a park or gardening in your backyard--benefits mental health as well as physical health.
  • 6/8/2010
    While it’s clear that chocolate triggers the brain to release feel-good chemicals, the study found that chocolate may not really provide the relief that depressed people seek. Learn more about how chocolate impacts mood in this health blog.
  • 6/5/2010
    Elephants have a well-developed type of verbal communication. This health blog takes a deeper look at elephant sounds, language and the emotional life of elephants to better understand their intelligence and behavior patterns.
  • 6/3/2010
    TV exposure among toddlers corresponded to a future decrease in classroom engagement and success at math, increased victimization by classmates, a more sedentary lifestyle, and higher BMI. Learn more about the full significance of tv time and child development in this health blog.
  • 6/1/2010
    A new strain of airborne fungus called VGIIc or C. Gatti, has emerged in the state of Oregon. It’s deadly, and it’s heading south to California and beyond. Know what to look for and how to naturally keep your immune system strong.
  • 5/27/2010
    This health blog reviews how carcinogenic toxins, heavy metals and pollution bombard our health and how detoxing can help with cancer prevention.
  • 5/25/2010
    Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic discovered that taking vitamin D with large meals boosts its absorption dramatically. But when it comes to vitamin absorption the details are tremendously important and often overlooked. Learn more about isolate vitamins and how the body absorbs them with this health blog.
  • 5/22/2010
    Epidemiological evidence linking diet, one of the most important modifiable environmental factors, and risk of Alzheimer's disease is rapidly increasing. Learn more about how simple diet changes, like those reflected by the Mediterranean diet and supplementation with L-Carnosine can support Alzheimer's prevention.
  • 5/20/2010
    In the seven years between 1999 and 2006, the use of prescription opioids increased nearly fourfold nationwide. Overdose from painkiller prescriptions has also increased dramatically. If you have chronic pain this health blog will certainly help educate you on the dangers of painkiller prescriptions.
  • 5/18/2010
    Without exposure to parasites, bacteria, and viruses early in life , children face a greater chance of developing allergies, asthma, and other autoimmune diseases when they become adults. Understand the hygiene hypothesis and how antibacterial products can actually cause greater health risks down the road with this health blog.
  • 5/15/2010
    People who view slides of sick people show an incredible immune boost of 23 percent. Learn more about the immune response in fighting infection and how the mind affects health with this health blog.
  • 5/13/2010
    Women who eat the most “high-glycemic” carbohydrates have more than twice the risk of heart disease compared to women who eat the least high-glycemic carbs. Learn more about the glycemic index, the difference between good and bad carbs, and what high glycemic foods affect blood sugar levels the most.
  • 5/11/2010
    The annual bill for PSA screening in the U.S. is $3 billion, even though the test “is hardly more effective than a coin toss.” Learn more about healthy PSA levels, prostate tumors, prostate cancers and whether PSA testing will become mandatory for cancer prevention.
  • 5/8/2010
    Last month, the pharmaceutical manufacturing giant Pfizer disclosed that it paid more than $20 million to 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals for consulting and speaking on its behalf in the last six months of 2009. Protect yourself and learn more about off-label prescribing, medical reform and the state of the pharmaceutical industry today.
  • 5/6/2010
    AstraZeneca received permission from the FDA to sell its statin drug to a potential new market of 6.5 million people, none of whom actually have cholesterol or heart problems. Understand the risks of taking statin drugs and the use of natural alternatives as a better option to reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and lessen the risk of diabetes.
  • 5/4/2010
    If current projections are correct, children dying before their parents is about to become the norm. Learn more about increasing rates of obesity in children and the implications of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other illnesses that create a shortened life expectancy in young adults today.
  • 5/1/2010
    A study, just published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists, discovered that by applying a magnet to a subject’s head, researchers could alter that person’s moral judgment, almost instantly. Understand moral relativity and immoral behavior with regards to magnetic impulses with this health blog.
  • 4/29/2010
    The FDA recently admitted that it “should” reevaluate the safety of triclosan, an antibacterial chemical commonly found in a dizzying array of household items, like antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, toothpaste, cleaning products and a long list of others.
  • 4/24/2010
    New studies have found that junk foods exert an addictive pull as powerful as that conferred by the most highly addictive narcotic drugs. Explore obesity and the junk food addictions from a natural health perspective with this health blog.
  • 4/22/2010
    A new study has found that most infants, whether bottle or breast-fed, get far too little vitamin D. This health blog discusses guidelines for vitamin D supplementation, vitamin D deficiency issues, and vitamin D toxicity for adults and children.
  • 4/20/2010
    Several recent studies jointly conducted by San Diego State University (SDSU) and the University of South Alabama have found that rates of narcissistic personality traits have increased sharply among college students in the past 15 years.
  • 4/17/2010
    Researchers found that subjects who eat just a tiny square of chocolate every day lower their risk of heart attack by 27 percent and reduce their risk of stroke by a whopping 48 percent.
  • 4/13/2010
    A Boston-based group called Corporate Identity International recently issued a report calling for Ronald McDonald to die. Understand the reason behind this outcry for public health and unhealthy food with this health blog.