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  • Carbon monoxide poisoning requires blood cleansing
    External sources of carbon monoxide can seep right through the drywall used in most houses and apartment buildings, quickly reaching people within their homes
  • mental health articles: Alzheimer's linked to copper and iron
    Several reports just came out implicating both copper and iron as triggers for Alzheimer's Disease, a condition that afflicts over five million Americans.
  • women's health issues
    Research has discovered a drug-free way to reduce some of the symptoms of menopause and improve the sex lives of these postmenopausal women significantly.
  • 8/27/2013
    New research has found that many children who have blood-lead levels of lead lower than 20 mcg (once considered safe) are experiencing behavioral issues affecting them at school.
  • natural anti aging
    A recent study has found that all of the various kinds of facial plastic surgery only make people look about three years younger and fail to make subjects look more attractive to others.
  • Children's health
    According to pediatric dermatologists, acne has begun to strike younger and younger kids. It is appearing in some cases in children who are only 7 or 8 years old.
  • Fitness and Exercise Effective Mood Boosters
    According to a study out of the Tilburg University in the Netherlands, for many people shopping increases loneliness, but for a particular segment of shoppers, it appears to have the opposite effect.
  • Stress and Anxiety Linked to Sexomnia
    Sexsomnia, otherwise known as "sleep sex," is a real condition that can cause sufferers to do unwanted, dangerous, or even illegal sexual things after they go to sleep.
  • Coronary Artery Disease is Common and Deadly in Women | Women's Health Blog|
    Women have a higher death rate from coronary artery disease than men and receive less thorough medical care for it than men,
  • Stress and Anxiety
    A new study has found that nature-based outings provided the veterans suffering from PTSD with positive effects on their mental health that lasted well beyond the end of the trip.
  • Mental Health Articles: Mice Can Be Given False Memories
    A recent study that found that mice could be given false memories indistinguishable from their real memories.
  • Stress and Anxiety
    Residents of large urban areas are actually at a lower risk of physical harm than their counterparts who live in more rural settings.
  • Natural Allergy Remedies
    A 2011 study of over two million individuals found that the frequency of allergies in the US increased by almost six percent within a four-year timeframe...and continues to rise.
  • Bullying in the Workplace Causes Stress and Anxiety
    A new study has found that those who are considered unattractive may have to endure bullying on the job solely because of their looks.
  • Fitness and exercise reduced by smart phones
    According to new research, smart phones may turn out to have a substantial downside: the more you use them, the less fit you may be.
  • Healthy Immune Systems and Flea Prevention
    Fleas usually enter people's lives via their pets. Cats and dogs pick them up from other animals or from the outdoors, and then they bring them inside.
  • women's health issues
    According to new research, many women were found to be happier and more content with their lives all around once they were divorced.
  • Natural Weight Loss
    New research has determined that merely being overweight, may not just be associated with having gallstones but appears to be a contributing factor.
  • Men's health issues
    A new study has concluded that men with high levels of omega-3s have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer and of developing the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer.
  • Arguing Decreases the Longer a Marriage Lasts
    According to new research, a perk of couples sticking it out through thick and thin as you get older may be quarreling less in your later years
  • Healthy Immune System & Staph
    New research has found that there may be a high transmission rate of the bacteria that can cause serious staph infections during team sports involving the handling of a ball.
  • Natural Health Remedies for Teeth Whitening
    Dentist-supervised in-office whitening procedures constitute the top rung of the whitening methods. Having your dentist do the whitening for you provides certain advantages.
  • Balanced diet and cutlery
    A recent study found that people perceive noticeable differences in a food's flavor and density depending on the cutlery with which it is eaten.
  • 7/9/2013
    There is a high percentage of men with prostate cancer who are undergoing extensive, often very expensive, treatment when they have little risk of dying from the condition.
  • Fitness and exercise
    Over 80 percent of the US population doesn't do even the minimum amount of exercise recommended by the Health and Human Services Department.