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  • Health benefits of iron from vegetables like beets.
    A study suggests that good sources of certain types of iron in the diet may be very effective in reducing the risk of developing PMS.
  • Happiest place to live
    For the fourth year running, the residents of Hawaii outrank people living everywhere else in in the US in terms of life satisfaction.
  • Fast Food Consumption Statistics
    Recent research has found that on average, U.S. adults consume more than one-tenth of their daily calories by eating fast food.
  • Childhood bullying
    According to new research, bullying may leave lasting scars that sadly follow its victims well into adulthood.
  • Baby Delivery
    New research suggests that the method of a baby's delivery and whether or not a new mother breastfeeds may very well be the two most important decisions parents can make for the health of their child.
  • Human Intelligence
    According to a paper published in Trends in Genetics, humans as a species have been steadily losing intelligence for thousands of years, and it looks like the trend will continue.
  • Risk Factors for Arthritis
    A new study has found an association between greater exposure to PFCs and an elevated risk of osteoarthritis in women.
  • Grapefruit Health Benefits
    Grapefruit itself is not harmful. Certain pharmaceuticals for pain, heart disease, schizophrenia, and cancer, on the other hand, have been found to be problematic when combined with grapefruit.
  • Argus II for the blind
    Scientists at the National Eye Institute have developed a device that actually allows blind people to see forms and shapes and even to read large letters.
  • Diet Alcoholic Drinks
    New research has found that using diet sodas as mixers in drinks can actually make the cocktails more potent and make you more inebriated...and for longer.
  • Meal Time
    New research has found that people who tend to eat their largest meal earlier in the day lose more weight than those who eat a large meal hours later.
  • Lowered sperm count
    Everywhere on the planet, the quantity of men's sperm seems to be dropping steadily. And now a new study reveals what one of the culprits might be: too much television.
  • 2/12/2013
    A new study has found that married men who perform traditionally masculine chores have more sex with their wives than their counterparts who help out with traditionally feminine tasks.
  • Dark Chocolate Nutrition
    Ultimately, if you want to indulge during Chocolate Lover's Month, choose your weapon wisely. Pick a natural dark chocolate containing at least 70 percent cocoa and eat it just a bit at a time.
  • Tooth Decay Symptoms
    Tomorrow is National Toothache Day. While that may not seem like much of a thing to celebrate, maybe it is truly more about taking care of our teeth to ensure we don't end up with a nasty toothache.
  • Psychic Ability and Intuition
    Based on the numbers, a huge segment of the population in the US believes in psychics. The psychic industry earns more than two billion dollars a year, with about 80,000 businesses offering some form of fortune telling.
  • 2/2/2013
    New research has found that it's those little passages that we read during our social networking sessions that tend to stick with us longer than nearly anything else we see or read.
  • Toxic Chemicals in Plastic Tableware
    A study recently published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that subjects who used hard plastic dishes had elevated levels of melamine in their urine. And non plastic dinnerware leaches heavy metals.
  • Armpit Odor
    New research has found that not everyone produces the type of body odor that deodorant can inhibit, rendering these products useless for a segment of the population.
  • Mandatory Vaccinations for Hospital Staff
    Four states currently have legislation on the books requiring all health care workers to get annual flu shots no matter what facility they work in, and more states are looking at passing such laws.
  • Diet Soda Dangers
    A recent study has found a link between drinking diet soda or diet fruit drinks and an increased risk of developing depression.
  • Alpha Carotene Rich Pumpkin Pie Filling
    If you want to indulge on National Pie Day, you are definitely better off choosing your slice wisely and preparing and baking your own pie.
  • US Health and Life vs Wealthiest Nations
    Compared to 17 wealthy nations, the US ranks dead last in terms of longevity. American men die an average of 3.7 years earlier than in the leading nations on the list, while American women die 5.2 years earlier.
  • Binge Eaters
    New research has found that preparing bizarre combinations of foods is common behavior for a large segment of adult binge eaters.
  • Vitamin D Deficiencies
    Research has shown that young children and teenagers with weight problems are at a much higher risk of having low levels of vitamin D than their peers who are at average weights