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  • Why Love Your Neighbor | Top Health Blog
    According to new research, a good relationship with your neighbors may be very good for your heart.
  • Growth Hormone Treatment For Children
    A recent study has discovered a link between the use of growth hormone treatments during childhood and an elevated risk of stroke in early adulthood.
  • Excess Weight Causes Cancer, Natural Health Blog
    New research shows that overweight individuals may have an increased chance of developing many forms of cancer.
  • Tick Bites Cause Food Allergies
    It turns out that if you get bitten by a certain type of tick, you can develop an allergy to red meat.
  • Smoking After Cancer | Cancer Health Blog
    A recent study by the American Cancer Society found that close to 10 percent of cancer survivors continue to smoke nearly 10 years after beating the disease.[
  • Restaurants As Unhealthy As Fast Food
    New research has determined that many meals in full-service restaurants may be just as high in fat, calories, and sodium as fast food offerings.
  • 8/16/2014
    Doctors commit suicide at rates quite a bit higher than the general public.
  • how to avoid germs when shaking hands
    According to new research, fist bumping just may be a whole lot more hygienic than shaking hands
  • 8/12/2014
    New research shows that the mere belief that exposure to a potential allergen has taken place can set off an asthma attack.
  • 8/9/2014
    Telemedicine makes live healthcare available to consumers on demand, wherever they are. Telemedicine is going to rewrite how Americans get their healthcare.
  • 8/7/2014
    The vast majority of children and teenagers who are overweight firmly believe that their weight is actually normal.
  • 8/5/2014
    New research suggests that acetaminophen (paracetamol ) may not do much to help relieve your back pain at all--that it's no better than a placebo.
  • Top 10 Hospital Errors | Natural Health Blog
    A report from the ECRI Institute delineates the top 10 patient safety issues that healthcare institutions should be concerned about, and the contents aren't pretty.
  • Prophylactic Mastectomy | Cancer Health Blog
    Survival rates for breast cancer patients are not significantly improved when their healthy breast is removed for prophylactic purposes.
  • Exercising Increases Grades, GPA | Children's Health Blog
    Students who are members of a campus fitness center tend to have higher grade point averages than their peers who are not belong to such a facility.
  • Youth Fitness Decline | Children's Health Blog
    A new study by the Centers for Disease Control has found that physical activity among children peaks as early as age two and then begins a steady decline.
  • Free Time for Kids | Children's Health Blog
    A new study has found that kids' development is more advanced when they have greater amounts of free time and spend less time in scheduled structured activities.[
  • 7/22/2014
    New study shows that eating apples may help women experience more pleasurable sex.
  • 7/19/2014
    Individuals with mild or even moderate Parkinson's disease can greatly improve their symptoms just by walking several times a week.
  • 7/17/2014
    A recent series of studies has found that most people would choose to give themselves electric shocks rather than sit quietly, with time to think.
  • 7/15/2014
    New research has found that fewer than half of all total knee replacement operations taking place in the United States can be medically justified.
  • 7/12/2014
    New evidence shows that the restaurants we patronize aren't doing enough to make their meals less salty, either, in spite of having made public pledges to do so.
  • 7/10/2014
    Our driving abilities may be profoundly affected by personal chronotype, and the people most impacted are evening types who attempt to operate a car in the morning.
  • 7/8/2014
    Excessive alcohol intake appears to reduce lifespan by approximately 30 years for one in 10 men and women in the United States.
  • 7/5/2014
    Viewers under the age of 40 who watch lots of television double their risk of death, according to a new study just published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.