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  • Fitness and Exercise or Medication? | Natural Health Blog
    Studies show that exercise is equally as effective as medication in preventing death from both diabetes and heart disease and for treating ongoing coronary heart disease.
  • Women Who Eat Nuts During Pregnancy Affect Their Children's Health | Natural Health Blog
    Women who eat peanuts and/or tree nuts most regularly have a significantly lower risk of having a child with an allergy to these nuts than do their peers who eat nuts less often.
  • How the Internal Clock Affects Children's Health | Natural Health Blog
    Children's individual melatonin levels are what dictate when they are truly ready to fall asleep, and an arbitrary bedtime set by parents merely fights against this fact.
  • An "Apple a Day" is Great for Natural Heart Health | Natural Health Blog
    Eating an apple a day may be more effective at balancing the prevention of cardiovascular disease with the deaths that may result from eating them than taking pharmaceutical drugs.