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  • Grocery Lists Help Weight Loss | Weight Loss Blog
    New research suggests that the simple trick of bringing a grocery list to the store may be the key to sticking with a healthier diet.
  • Lack of Sunlight Linked to Pancreatic Cancer | Alternative Cancer Remedies Blog
    People residing in locations that have little regular sunlight may be more likely to eventually develop pancreatic cancer.
  • Reverse colon cancer in two weeks? | Alternative Cancer Blog
    A recent study found that after just two weeks of eating a completely different diet than usual, the risk of developing colon cancer might be affected for better or for worse.
  • Car Seat Napping Deadly | Baby Health Blog
    A recent study found that putting young children to sleep in any type of sitting device, including a car seat, may actually put them at risk of death.
  • Does Your Dog Love You? | Natural Health Blog
    When owners look into their dog's eyes, both the dog and the human experience a blast of oxytocin, otherwise known as the "love hormone.
  • Genetically Prone to Mosquito Bites | Natural Health Blog
    New research shows that mosquitoes' preference for people is based on our genetics, which means you just might be hard-wired to be their favorite snack.
  • Meditate to Reduce Depression | Natural Health Blog
    A recent study has found that therapy designed to teach patients how to re-focus their thoughts may be a very effective treatment method for people with depression.
  • Divorce Ups Heart Attack Risk | Natural Heart Health Blog
    Divorced individuals are more likely to suffer a heart attack compared to their peers who stayed married.
  • Tylenol Dulls Emotions | Natural Health Blog
    Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, not only reduces physical pain but also appears to diminish the emotions we register, both positive and negative.
  • Older Women Can Lose Bone When Losing Weight | Health Blog
    Shedding some extra pounds is almost always a good thing since being overweight is associated with an increased risk of numerous health issues. Many people who never had to battle the bulge during their younger years find that as middle age approaches they are quickly growing around the midsection and that it gets harder and harder to lose that weight. But now it appears that there might actually be some downside for women losing weight as they get older. According to new research, they may be losing bone density as well.
  • How to Avoid Back Surgery | Natural Health Blog
    Physical therapy can be just as successful in restoring comfort levels as surgery for patients with back pain from spinal stenosis.
  • Be Active During Pregnancy | Health Blog
    According to new research, maintaining physical activity while pregnant may help decrease the risk of having a baby born with a heart defect.
  • Facebook Causes Distress | Natural Health Blog
    A recent study has found that the more time you spend on Facebook, the greater the chances that you'll develop depression.
  • Adults Abuse ADHD Drugs | Natural Health Blog
    Millions of adults may be using ADHD drugs simply as a way to enhance their concentration on a daily basis or perform better at work--or simply to get high.
  • Leafy Greens Reduce Dementia | Natural Health Blog
    A recent study found that eating one serving a day of a leafy green vegetable may help prevent the onset of dementia as we age.
  • Sitting too Long on the Job | Health Blog
    According to a recent study, employees spend an average of 77 percent of the day sitting and only five percent of their time engaged in moderate or vigorous exercise.
  • Exercise Improves Sexual Function | Natural Health Blog
    Exercising regularly appears to improve sexual function in men--and women too.
  • Always Opt For Minimally Invasive Surgery | Natural Health Blog
    Laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, surgeries are not regularly offered to patients in some medical centers.
  • Jobs With the Highest Suicide Rates | Natural Health Blog
    Suicides occurring in workplaces have increased substantially in recent years in America.
  • Breast Biopsy Mistakes Common | Natural Health Blog
    New research has shown that the pathologists who specialize in analyzing biopsies often misdiagnose breast tissue.
  • Arsenic High in Cheap White Wine | Health Blog
    A new report accuses 28 well-known California wineries of selling wine with high arsenic levels.
  • Pregnancy Weight Gain | Natural Health Blog
    Almost half of pregnant women gain an excessive amount of weight during the nine months of their pregnancy.
  • Pescetarians Have the Best Diet | Natural Health Blog
    Pescetarianism, a mostly vegetarian diet that includes eating fish, may help prevent a diagnosis of colorectal cancer
  • Palcohol: Alcohol Powder Pros and Cons | Health Blog
    Palcohol powdered alcohol mix was just officially cleared for sale in the US by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.
  • Teenage Violence Rising | Natural Health Blog
    An astonishing one in every five teenage girls reported that some type of violence had been inflicted upon them by their partner in the past year. And their male peers are it risk too.