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  • 5/1/2008
    A new study of 1256 elderly people affirmed that people who have a positive outlook suffer from far less memory loss than their worried peers.
  • 4/29/2008
    I've had hand tremors for the last five years, but within 72 hours of taking your Ever Young formula for the first time, the tremors completely stopped. Is that possible? Could the Ever Young do that? If so, how did it happen?
  • 4/26/2008
    A new study shows that high blood pressure may have even more to do with diet and how your body processes food than with genetics.
  • 4/23/2008
    According to a recent study, researchers tested the blood and urine of a number of dags and cats and discovered high levels of mercury, as well as 48 industrial chemicals (out of 70 chemicals tested) used in manufacturing fabrics, furniture, plastics, food packaging, and electronic goods.
  • 4/17/2008
    Citizens in California expressed anger recently when state health officials denied that aerial pesticide spraying over three counties last fall had triggered 463 illness complaints filed shortly thereafter.
  • 4/15/2008
    Dental erosion -- the loss of the protective enamel coating on the teeth -- has increased dramatically in the US. Even worse, the condition has become quite common among very young people.
  • alzheimer's disease: dementia and old age
    A new study out of Duke University recently found that approximately 5.2 million seniors -- or 22 percent of those over age 71 -- showed symptoms of mental decline.
  • 4/5/2008
    A new study just published in BMC Neurology confirms that exposure to pesticides increases the likelihood of developing Parkinson's Disease -- and that risk increases with long-term, repeated exposure.
  • 4/2/2008
    A recent Associated Press article picked up by the international media reports how a sick 11-year-old girl died after her parents opted to pray for her recovery rather than take her to the hospital. When reporting the incident, the media missed the key point.
  • 3/29/2008
    A recent article in Access Hollywood reveals that Demi Moore uses leeches to purify her blood. So is Demi's foray into bloodletting mere Beverly Hills insanity, or is there actually something to it? In fact, recent studies show that planned bleeding might have curative effects, after all.
  • 3/26/2008
    Back in 1990, fewer than 10 percent of pregnancies culminated with induced labor, but these days, up to 55 percent of all pregnant women in the US choose to have labor induced at some expedient, pre-scheduled time.
  • 3/24/2008
    Many of the foods that men gravitate towards have testosterone-producing effects, whereas women prefer foods high in phytoestrogens.
  • 3/20/2008
    A new study by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology confirms that pediatric allergies can significantly impair a child's daily functioning, academic achievement, and ability to sleep.
  • 3/18/2008
    Recent studies show that an implantable cardioverter defibrillator is potentially susceptible to malicious attacks by computer hackers.
  • 3/14/2008
    Massachusetts state governor has allocated a 40 percent increase in the fiscal 2009 budget to cover the increasing cost of subsidizing health insurance for low-income residents.
  • 3/11/2008
    Two reports examining the relationship between heart health and alcohol consumption came out this week, and the results couldn't be more different. One study says a drink a day keeps the cardiologist away, while the other warns against alcohol consumption lest you boost your blood pressure.
  • 3/6/2008
    The hysterectomy has become the second most common surgery for women in the US, after Cesarean section. And of those many millions of women who go through the operation, about two-thirds don't need to--that's what the experts now say, in retrospect.
  • 3/4/2008
    The FDA just proposed that children ages 1-11 who suffer from heartburn should now take Nexium.
  • 3/1/2008
    Energy-efficient spiral light bulbs can cause mercury poisoning when they break. Infants, pets, and pregnant women are at particular risk.
  • 2/28/2008
    Genetic testing is beginning to emerge as a viable medical option, and the opposing teams are lining up.
  • 2/25/2008
    New studies show that sugar substitutes not only fail to promote weight loss; they actually lead to weight gain.
  • 2/23/2008
    Off-label drug usage is based almost exclusively on anecdotal evidence - just like most herbs and neutraceuticals -- except for the fact that the FDA allows physicians to promote such usage.
  • 2/20/2008
    A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that medical treatment for back pain costs Americans $100 billion dollars a year, yet provides minimal relief. Study makes no mention of chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage - all proven effective.
  • 2/18/2008
    Several members of Congress last week called for an independent investigation into the safety of beef supplied to public schools, responding to concerns raised by a horrifying video showing sick cows being tortured enroute to the slaughterhouse.
  • 2/15/2008
    It seems that dosing meat with carbon monoxide keeps it looking good for at least 20 days - double the amount of time achieved by other packaging methods andabout nine times the number of days beyond when it goes rancid naturally.