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  • 3/30/2007
    Once abundant in red wine, resveratrol is now almost absent due to the use of pesticides. In other words, if you want resveratrol, you pretty much have to supplement.
  • 3/23/2007
    The New York State Food Laboratory has identified the presence of aminopterin in all of the samples of cat and dog food that appear to be causing kidney failure and death in what will likely end as several thousand cats and dogs.
  • full spectrum vitamin e
    As the media and government debate the benefits of Vitamin E, most Americans still are not getting enough Vitamin E per day.
  • proteolytic enzymes in foods help with food allergies
     It is very common for people to automatically assume that a food allergy is directly triggered by food, however, this is not always the case.
  • 3/14/2007
    A study just published in the Archives of Internal Medicine state that the offspring of longer lived parents have a lower prevalence of cardiac risk factors in middle age.
  • 3/13/2007
    After my recent newsletter about the common myths of stomach acid, we have had a few people ask about how to test for low stomach acid.
  • 3/6/2007
    Exposure to chemical estrogens leads to childhood obesity. Obesity leads to higher levels of estrogen, which lead to more obesity, earlier puberty, and higher risk of catastrophic illness later in life.
  • 3/1/2007
    A new study just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, based entirely on a review of 47 previous peer reviewed studies concludes that treatment with beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E may increase mortality.
  • 2/22/2007
    Lyme Disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. This bacteria is particularly hard to kill, and the use of antibiotics, in most cases, only temporarily suppresses it -- allowing it to resurface with even greater intensity down the road.
  • 2/17/2007
    No diet is without consequences. Many people believe that a pure vegetarian or fruitarian diet is automatically healthy because they avoid meat and dairy. This is not automatically true.
  • 2/14/2007
     Candida is a yeastlike fungus commonly found in the normal flora of the mouth, skin, intestinal tract, and vagina, which can become clinically infectious in people with compromised immune systems.
  • 2/11/2007
    At a time when colon cancer is a leading cause of death and disease in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) decision to approve alli for over-the-counter use, when studies have clearly shown it causes pre-cancerous lesions of the colon is the height of recklessness and shows a profound lack of concern for the public's health.
  • 2/10/2007
    The herpes simplex virus is incurable because it hides out in certain nerve cells of your body for life. When the virus is triggered to be active, it travels along the nerves to your skin.
  • 2/9/2007
    On Feb 2nd, Texas governor Rick Perry issued an executive order mandating the vaccination of young girls with the Gardasil HPV vaccine sold by Merck, unleashing a storm.
  • 2/9/2007
    Over the last couple of years, warnings have started to appear on the jars and tubes of products that contain natural progesterone saying that they contain a substance known to cause cancer.
  • 2/6/2007
    From the description of ingredients you sent, it certainly looks like someone assembled the formula by looking in a book for everything that might be beneficial to the cardiovascular system and throwing them all together in one pill, with many of the ingredients at 'pixie dust' levels.
  • 1/27/2007
    Scientists have identified a gene that increases the risk for late onset Alzheimer's by promoting the accumulation of beta amyloid plaque.
  • 1/27/2007
    A new study published in Europe shows that having milk with your tea totally negates the health benefits of drinking the tea to begin with.
  • 1/25/2007
    No tinkering or reform can stop health care systems all over the world from imploding until people start taking charge of their own health and reduce the need for the vast majority of health care they now require.
  • 1/23/2007
    According to studies done at Ohio State University, fat is not only good, it's necessary for the proper absorption of many vitamins and phytochemicals.
  • 1/19/2007
    The cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.
  • 1/8/2007
    That deaths from cancer are down is certainly good news. I'm just not sure that the medical community can take that much credit for it.
  • 1/6/2007
    There's no indication that meat and milk from cloned animals, or their descendants, is any different than regular such products. However, that said, keep in mind that although it may be no different, it's also no better.
  • 12/23/2006
    That said, considering the risk/reward ratio involved -- probable 100% protection VS no proven major side effects and few effective alternative health treatments, if I had a daughter I'd probably lean to saying yes to the Gardasil HPV vaccine for her -- unless I heard a more compelling argument against it.
  • 12/20/2006
    Maintaining proper ratios of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids is important. The proper ratio helps control both systemic inflammation and insulin resistance, which can both play a role in hair loss.