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  • Why Take Vitamin D after Menopause | Natural Health Blog
    Consuming enough vitamin D may be able to reverse the muscle loss that most women typically experience after they go through menopause.
  • Ignoring Your Mate For Your Phone | Natural Health Blog
    Interrupting the time you spend with your partner by accessing your cell phone frequently can damage your relationship and raise your risk of developing depression.
  • Children Sitting Too Long | Children's Health Blog
    Sitting isn't just bad for adults. As it turns out, sitting for prolonged periods of time is very bad for young children as well.
  • Your Love Life After A Heart Attack | Natural Health Blog
    Many post-heart attack patients are perfectly safe having sex, and it might even be beneficial to their health as a source of exercise.
  • Long-term Effects of Pregnancy Complications | Natural Health Blog
    Women who suffer from specific complications during pregnancy faced an increased risk of dying from a heart-related condition over time.
  • Sitting linked to Cancer, Heart & Liver Disease | Natural Health Blog
    New research suggests that people who sit for too long may end up with liver disease as well as heart disease.
  • Pharmaceutical Price Gouging | Health Blog
    Many drug companies have adopted strategies centered around absurd levels of price gouging.
  • Children's Growing Fast Food Diet | Children's Health Blog
    Approximately one-third of all children and teenagers in the United States are eating pizza or fast food every single day.
  • Ginkgo Biloba For Hearing Loss vs Hearing Aids -- Health Blog
    One third of those aged 65-74 have hearing loss, and by the time you reach age 75, it's a much surer bet, with two-thirds in the hard-of-hearing club.
  • Migraines & Balancing Hormones | Natural Health Blog
    New research suggests that migraine headaches might have something to do with fats in the bloodstream.
  • Increasing Lung Cancer & Radon Gas | Natural Cancer Alternatives Blog
    New research suggests that the chances of a nonsmoker developing lung cancer has begun to increase in recent years, even as smoking rates have declined.
  • Mother Retains Fetal Cells & Cancer | Natural Health Blog
    A mother may carry around cells that her fetus has shed and that are genetically different from her own for the rest of her life.
  • Skin Cancer from Mobile Devices | Natural Health Blog
    The screens of mobile devices may reflect the ultraviolet rays of the sun and indirectly boost the user's exposure to potentially harmful wavelengths of light.
  • Adult Biking Injuries on the Rise | Health Blog
    Hospital admissions due to injuries sustained while bike riding have more than doubled in recent years, with the most substantial increase among people 45 and older.
  • Neurotics Are Overly Creative, New Study | Health Blog
    Neurotics think all the time, and it is that constant mental activity that allows them, perhaps, to piece together things in new ways or to stumble into startling discoveries.
  • Caregivers Develop Health Problems | Natural Health Blog
    The husbands and wives of stroke survivors often endure long-term physical and mental heath problems.
  • Antibiotics, Probiotics, & Diabetes | Health Blog
    Individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have used antibiotics in the years prior to developing the condition than their peers who did not develop diabetes.
  • Light Drinking Linked to Cancer | Health Blog
    Breast cancer risk is higher in women who are considered light to moderate users of alcohol than it is in their peers who abstain from drinking.
  • Natural Solutions to Kill Lice | Health Blog
    There is new research offering evidence once again that common lice treatments are no longer effective in many parts of the United States.
  • How Contact Lens Cause Eye Infections | Health Blog
    99 percent of those who wear contacts do not follow correct safety protocols, doing things that might lead to serious eye infection and other problems.
  • Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Healthy Bone Mass, Foods High in Vitamin D, Foods High in Calcium
    The early stages of osteoporosis may be present in women who are still relatively young, active, and healthy.
  • Music Health Benefits, Pre-surgery Techniques, Post-surgical Discomfort, Surgery Anxiety, Reduce Recovery Time
    Listening to music prior to, during, and after undergoing a surgical procedure may diminish the patient's pain and anxiety levels.
  • Vitamin D, Obese Teenagers, Child Obesity, Fearmongering, Stressing the Liver
    Perhaps you’ve seen the headlines: Vitamin D may be harmful to obese teenagers.
  • Health Benefits of Eating Spicy Foods | Natural Health Blog
    Frequently eating spicy meals may be linked to a lower risk of death.
  • Music Improves Surgery Results | Natural Health Blog
    Surgeons who listen to their favorite music while operating on patients do the job faster and with more accuracy.