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  • Natural Remedies to Reduce Pet Behavior Problems
    Pets of all kinds, except for cats, can suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are away.
  • Eating Beans & Legumes For Weight Loss | Weight Loss Blog
    Increasing your intake of legumes may boost feelings of satiety after a meal causing you to consume less and potentially shed extra pounds without making any other dietary changes.
  • Natural Remedies Endometriosis | Natural Health Blog
    The risk of heart disease for women diagnosed with endometriosis is especially magnified in those women who are 40 or under.
  • Virtual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Mental Health Blog
    Virtual therapies with a computer app are probably going to become increasingly common in the years to come.
  • Sounds of Chewing Cut Portion Sizes | Health Blog
    Hearing the sounds we make while eating may keep our consumption levels lower than when they are drowned out by other noises.
  • Lab Grown Meat | Health Blog
    A team of scientists has successfully created the first laboratory-produced burgers that taste remarkably similar to traditional burgers.
  • Less Americans Healthy Today | Health Blog
    New research has found that a mere 2.7 percent of Americans meet the minimum criteria for leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Doctors Treat Difficult Patients with Worse Care | Health Blog
    The care a physician provides appears to suffer when a patient is difficult or disruptive during an appointment.
  • Meditation Relieves Pain | Mental Health Blog
    Mindfulness meditation may be a very effective way to achieve long-lasting, drug-free pain relief.
  • Low Prenatal Vitamin D and MS in Children | Health Blog
    Having low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy may be associated with a greater chance of the child being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis years later.
  • Height and Weight Disadvantages | Health Blog
    Shorter men and heavier women may find themselves at a small but noticeable disadvantage when it comes to both education and income levels.
  • Placental Cell Therapy to cure Radiation Sickness | Cancer Alternaties Blog
    over five million people still live in areas contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.
  • Drinking More Water Improves Diet | Natural Health Blog
    Marginal increases to the quantity of water you consume--as little as one percentage point more of water--can make an impact on your diet right away and your health over time.
  • Daylight Saving Time Increases Strokes | Heart Health Blog
    There appears to be a brief window in the days immediately following a daylight saving time transition during which the risk of having a stroke is increased.
  • Alternative Cancer Treatments | Cancer Health Blog
    In future years, it's a good possibility that people will look at chemotherapy as practiced in the 20th Century as insane and barbarous.
  • Distracted Driving Causes Accidents | Health Blog
    The risk of crashing a car is significantly higher if the driver is performing one of a number of distracting tasks or experiencing an emotional state that produces anger, sadness, agitation, or crying.
  • Air Pollution Linked to Weight Gain | Natural Health Blog
    Air pollution may be a contributing factor to weight gain and several related health issues.
  • Join Social Clubs To Live Longer | Natural Health Blog
    People who belong to at least one social group live longer than those who don't.
  • Losing Money Motivates Weight Loss | Natural Weight Loss Blog
    The threat of losing a monetary reward if an exercise goal is not attained may be more motivating than the potential to earn a reward if the goal is attained.
  • Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies & Acupuncture | Health Blog
    Fibromyalgia patients treated with acupuncture experience relief from painful symptoms and enjoy improved quality of life.
  • Importance of Nurse-Patient Ratio | Health Blog
    Patients are far more likely to die if the registered nurses caring for them handle more than six patients each.
  • Vacation Weight Gain Caused By Alcohol | Weight Loss Blog
    The majority of Americans gain some weight during the course of their vacations and tend not to lose it after they've returned home.
  • 3 Top Reasons Americans Die Young | Health Blog
    Deaths due to car accidents, drug overdoses, and gun violence are significant contributors to the gap in life expectancy rates between the U.S. and similar developed nations.
  • Mild Concussions Cause Suicide | Mental Health Blog
    Suicide rates among concussion victims are three times higher than suicide rates among those who never had a concussion.
  • 2/20/2016
    New research suggests that senior citizens who have an active sex life "may" have healthier brains.