Concurrent Surgery Dangers

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    I already know that this newsletter is going to upset many people--especially those who don't read beyond the title. Everyone likes to believe that their political views are carefully thought out, rational opinions formed by their awareness of the world around them and a mastery of facts. In other words, they are the result of absolute free will and are therefore entirely independent of all other aspects of their lives.
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    Totally autonomous, surgical robots are coming--assuming human anesthesiologists and surgeons are someday willing to let them.
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    There are seven specific procedures that result in 80 percent of the emergency general surgery mortalities in the United States.
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    Patients are far more likely to die if the registered nurses caring for them handle more than six patients each.
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    Surgeons are double-task, cutting one patient open in operating room A and then scooting over to operating room B to stitch up someone else.
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