Naturally Reverse Alzheimer's Disease

  • How To Prevent Alzheimer's | Natural Health Newsletter
    A new study that Alzheimer's may be connected to leaky blood vessels in the brain.
  • Air Pollution & Alzheimer’s Disease | Natural Health Blog
    In cities where air pollution is a bad problem, it has been linked to cognitive decline. And now, new research suggests that heavy air pollution might begin doing damage to the brain in early childhood.
  • 9/6/2018
    What if there were simple guidelines that might prevent you from ever developing dementia?  According to new research, these actually exist...
  • 9/1/2018
    We recently wrote that viruses trigger Alzheimer’s Disease and how research on that front may open new hope for healing. Research into two other possible solutions seems to be yielding hopeful results.
  • Virus Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease | Mental Health Blog
    Scientists have long suspected that microbes may have something to do with the genesis of Alzheimer’s Disease.  And a recent discovery may surprise you...
  • 2/15/2018
    Popular intelligence tells us that once mental decline starts, Alzheimer’s is like a locomotive that derails brain function in a irreversible trajectory. But must that be necessarily so?  Is there hope for reversing damage done once Alzheimer’s starts?
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