Health Newsletters & Daily Tips

  • 2018 Flu Season and Immunization Shots | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 1/6/2018

    Any vaccination, whether it’s for you or your children, should be a personal choice. (Sadly, many states are moving away from that option.) But that choice should be based on facts, not fear and emotion.

  • New Antibiotics For Resistant Strains | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 11/18/2017

    Until medical science overcomes antibiotic resistance, you’re on your own. If you come down with a drug resistant infection, you’re only hope may be to turn to Mother Nature for help.

  • Does Sugar Cause Cancer | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 11/4/2017

    Although sugar plays a role in the progression of SOME cancers, there is no compelling evidence that it is THE cause of cancer.

  • Naturally Boost Fertility | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 9/9/2017

    A new study now suggests that we might be approaching the threshold of mass infertility in men and the possible extinction of the human race.

  • - 7/22/2017

    If my doctor tells me I need to be on daily aspirin and/or PPIs, what choice do I have?

  • Saturated Fat Does Not Clog Arteries | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 6/3/2017

    When it comes to heart disease, the real problem is not saturated fat but, rather, the alternatives the medical community has encouraged consumers to turn to.

  • - 5/20/2017

    This is a discussion of the cost/benefit relationship of what countries pay for healthcare VS what they receive for that expenditure. 

  • Environmental Causes of Cancer | Natural Cancer Alternatives Blog
    - 4/15/2017

    Reducing the environmental factors that cause cells to mutate and optimizing your immune system to destroy rogue cells dramatically changes your odds of getting cancer.

  • - 4/1/2017

     There is a raging debate in the medical community as to the wisdom of forcing cholesterol levels ever lower.

  • - 3/18/2017

    Testosterone plays an equally crucial role throughout the body in both men and women.