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  • - 4/22/2018

    A single high-fat meal, can quickly transform healthy red blood cells into small, spiky cells that set the stage for cardiovascular disease--maybe.

  • Bagged Salads vs Fresh Greens | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 3/31/2018

    Should you buy fresh heads of lettuce or bagged salads?

  • Myths About 2018 Flu Season | Natural Health Blog
    - 3/3/2018

    The case for either getting the flu vaccine or avoiding it is not clear cut. Don’t be bullied by either side of the argument. Look at the information and make your own decision.

  • - 2/16/2018

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  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 2/3/2018

    Sparing your children's brains from repetitive trauma may NOT cost them athletically, and it MAY prevent them from being destroyed by CTE.

  • 2018 Flu Season and Immunization Shots | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 1/6/2018

    Any vaccination, whether it’s for you or your children, should be a personal choice. (Sadly, many states are moving away from that option.) But that choice should be based on facts, not fear and emotion.

  • New Antibiotics For Resistant Strains | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 11/18/2017

    Until medical science overcomes antibiotic resistance, you’re on your own. If you come down with a drug resistant infection, you’re only hope may be to turn to Mother Nature for help.

  • Does Sugar Cause Cancer | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 11/4/2017

    Although sugar plays a role in the progression of SOME cancers, there is no compelling evidence that it is THE cause of cancer.

  • Naturally Boost Fertility | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 9/9/2017

    A new study now suggests that we might be approaching the threshold of mass infertility in men and the possible extinction of the human race.

  • - 7/22/2017

    If my doctor tells me I need to be on daily aspirin and/or PPIs, what choice do I have?