Health Newsletters & Daily Tips

  • - 2/18/2017

    To paraphrase the great Mark Twain, "The Reports of sugar's death are greatly exaggerated."

  • - 11/22/2016

    Since our liver is the primary filter of our body, good health is impossible without proper function of the liver. This newsletter provides all the details you will need to know about the importance of detoxifying your liver.

  • Herbal Remedies Under Attack | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 11/19/2016

    There is a continuing attack against proven alternative health remedies through the use of highly publicized, but deeply flawed studies.

  • Do Probiotic Supplements Work | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 11/5/2016

    There is substantial evidence that gut bacteria are responsible to a large degree for the state of your health

  • How To Choose the Right Doctor | Health Blog
    - 10/15/2016

    I already know that this newsletter is going to upset many people--especially those who don't read beyond the title.

  • Taking Too Many Prescription Drugs | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 10/1/2016

    The odds of your doctors understanding that your infirmity could result from the drugs they've prescribed might not be good.

  • DSHEA Laws & Your Freedom | Natural Health Blog
    - 9/3/2016

    The FDA is looking for public comments on its revised draft guidance for supplement ingredient notification. This will impact your ability to get the supplements you want.

  • Consumer Reports Attacks Supplements | Health Newsletter
    - 8/20/2016

    Consumer Reports released a report identifying 15 supplements as “potentially” harmful with “insufficient health benefits to justify the risk. It's based on bad research, bad scholarship, and bad science.

  • Why Exposure to Germs Fights Germs | Immunity Health Blog
    - 8/6/2016

    A new study has just come out that once again confirms you need regular exposure to dirt and germs to keep your immune system in top shape.

  • Do Whole Grains Reduce Mortality? | Natural Health Newsletter
    - 7/2/2016

    A new study concludes that eating whole grains is healthier than not eating whole grains. Unfortunately, it has a hole in it so big, you could sail all 70 ships of the Seventh Fleet through it--abreast.