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If you are looking for longevity, disease prevention, or even optimum athletic performance, there are three simple rules to remember:

  • You have to clean out all of the toxins (heavy metals, xenoestrogens, chemical residues, etc.) that are poisoning your body.
  • You have to provide all of the systems and cells in your body with the nutrients they require (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, phytochemcials, etc.) for optimum vitality and regeneration.
  • You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Unlike what many marketeers pushing pills would like you to believe, there is no “magic bullet” to optimum health. You can be taking all the vitamins in the world, but if your body is loaded with mercury, it won’t help.

Outlined below, The Baseline of Health® Program is specifically designed to clean out and nourish virtually every major system in your body. The following list is thoroughly detailed in Jon Barron’s Lessons from the Miracle Doctors:

  1. Perform intestinal cleansing, detoxification, and rebuilding.
    Cleaning out the elimination channels is fundamental to any health building program. Supplemental info:Death Begins in the Colon
    Colon Detoxification VS Colonics
    Colon Cancer and Intestinal Detoxification
    Detox Program
    The Baseline of Health® – Part 1
    The Baseline of Health® – Part 2
  2. Clean Your Liver, Blood, and Kidneys.
    Our liver is the primary filter of our body. Over time we so abuse it and overtax it that illness is the inevitable result. Our blood is filled with many impurities including everything from an overabundance of artificial fats to toxic heavy metals. These must be removed for optimum health. For step-by-step instructions, enjoy a self-guided full body detox through our new Detox Program! Or, review further detox information:Detoxifying your Liver
    Jon’s 5-day Liver / Gallbladder Flush
    The Liver Blood Detox
    Blood Cleansing Part 1
    Blood Cleansing Part 2
  3. Use Probiotics.
    As a result of chlorinated/fluorinated/treated water and antibiotics and pesticides in our food, we have virtually eliminated all essential bacteria needed for digestion, disease protection, and elimination. There can be no true health until we rebuild our system with thousands of different strains of beneficial bacteria:The Probiotic Miracle
    Obesity and Probiotics
  4. Supplement With Enzymes.
    Modern man is the only animal that eats a diet almost entirely devoid of live enzymes. As a result, virtually every American has an enlarged pancreas by the time he/she is 40 and a significantly diminished life expectancy, as well as systemic inflammation, allergies, heart disease, and more. Supplementing with both digestive and systemic enzymes is the key to optimum health:The Enzyme Story
    A Patented Proteolytic Enzyme Formula
    Enzymes Part 1
    Enzymes Part 2
    Enzymes Part 3
  5. Keep a Healthy Diet.
    Every cell, every system, every organ in our bodies is produced from the food we eat. For example, just one can of soda pop can depress your immune system by some 50% for as long as six hours. Even if you supplement, you must also follow a good diet:A Pillar of Salt
    Functional Foods for Mind and Body
    Dairy Diet Delusion
    Obesity: The Inmates are Running the Asylum
    Caloric Restriction
    Refined to Death
    GE Revisited & Let’s Talk About Dairy
    Dietary Fats and the Risk of Incident Alzheimer Disease
    Low Carb Craziness Part 1
    Low Carb Craziness Part 2
    Low Carb Craziness Part 3
  6. Utilize Good Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Phytochemicals. Because the food we eat does not have the same nutritional value it did 100 years ago, we must use supplementation of some kind. But with so many products and companies pitching the next wonder supplement, how can you tell which is best?Multivitamin & Mineral Formulas
    Studies Prove Supplements Good/Bad
    Supplements are for Sinners
    Vitamin E, Vioxx and Codex
    Special Report, Vitamin E
    Designing a Superfood Part 1
    Designing a Superfood Part 2
    Essential Supplements
    Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™
    The Calcium Question
    Calcium D-Glucarate, An Anti-Cancer Supplement
  7. Destroy Free Radicals with Antioxidants. Scientists now know that free radicals play a major role in the aging process as well as in the onset of cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and possibly allergies and a host of other ailments. But which antioxidants work best for you?The Ultimate Antioxidant™
    Antioxidants Part 1
    Antioxidants Part 2
  8. Balance Hormones. Each and every day we are exposed to thousands and thousands and thousands of chemicals that work to destroy the hormonal balance of our bodies?with disastrous effects. Correcting these imbalances can save our health and our sanity!The 30,000 Mile Tune-Up
    For Every Man Over 30
    Special Report on Progesterone Creme
  9. Drink Pure Water.
    Unknowingly, 53,000,000 Americans drink tap water that is polluted by feces, radiation, or other contaminants. Half of all Americans drink water that has been used at least once before. Be sure to drink only pure water to help your body eliminate waste from toxins.Magnets and the Bioavailability of Water
    Magnetizing Water
  10. Keep Your Mouth Healthy.
    The health of your mouth is directly related to the rest of your body. And, a visit to your dentist could be deadly unless you know what to look out for:Flouride: It’s Baaack!
  11. Think Positively.
    What we think (and how we think) does absolutely (and unequivocally) affect our health. As Dr. John Christopher was fond of saying, “Most people need a colonic between the ears.”What No One Wants to Hear
    Pleasure Energy and Weight Loss
    Healing Energy Part 1
    Healing Energy Part 2
  12. Exercise.
    It does everything from improving the health of the heart to building up your bones and speeding up the elimination of toxins from your body. The bottom line is that you must “move or die.”

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