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The Baseline of Health® Foundation allows web publishers, educational institutions, book authors, and others to reproduce our content with a minimum of hassle. There are no licensing permissions or royalty fees required. All articles and press releases published by the Foundation may be reproduced or republished for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, provided the following guidelines are heeded:


  • Such content must be clearly labeled with “Written by Jon Barron or staff member at The Baseline of Health Foundation” in the opening line.
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  • The Baseline of Health Foundation must be informed within 3 business days of your use of said content. You may inform us by contacting us through our contact page at the Foundation’s website.
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  • No Baseline of Health Foundation content may be used in any disparaging context, including but not limited to criticism of the foundation, its authors or principals.

Book Citations

Use standard format book citations when quoting from either the hardcover extended edition, or the paperback/electronic versions of Jon Barron’s Lessons from the Miracle Doctors.

Barron, Jon. Lessons from the Miracle Doctors: a Step-by-Step Guide to Optimum Health and Relief from Catastrophic Illness. (Laguna Beach: Basic Health Publications, 2008), page #.

Barron, Jon. Lessons from the Miracle Doctors: a Step-by-Step Guide to Optimum Health and Relief from Catastrophic Illness. (Los Angeles: Baseline of Health Foundation, 2002), page #.



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