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The Baseline of Health® Foundation was created by Jon Barron as a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing support for the research and development of natural health formulas according to the guidelines expressed in Lessons from the Miracle Doctors and to serve as an information resource on natural health alternatives.

The Foundation is supported in entirety through donations provided by Jon Barron. Fortunately, Jon’s consulting work for health companies and private label formulations fund the following:

  • Subsidize the Baseline of Health® Foundation.
  • Offer his book and newsletters for free through the Foundation.
  • Contribute articles to health magazines throughout the world.
  • Participate in a large number of radio shows and television appearances to educate and elaborate on various topical health issues.
  • Oversee all communications and content involving the Baseline of Health® Foundation.

Readers Testimonial

“With so many charlatans and self appointed gurus in the market, it is refreshing to find someone who writes so...” Continue

J. Abbott, "Well Again"

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Baseline Nutritionals® promise

  • USP grade nutraceuticals
  • Organic and wild crafted herbs
  • Heavy Metal Tested
  • cGMP Compliancy & 3rd Party Validated
  • Baseline Nutritionals® offers a 100% guarantee on all products.