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How Honest Are People | Natural Health Blog
Sunday, April 30th is National Honesty Day.  But are people really honest?  One study found that the typical person can’t converse more than 10 minutes without telling a lie.
Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning | Natural Health Blog
Spring cleaning offers a number of benefits, both mental and physical. To get an idea of some of the health benefits you can achieve with a good session of spring cleaning, read on.


  • 1/23/2017
    Having ruled out trying to pack a shake with problem plagued protein supplements, I chose to build my shake around long-chain, low-glycemic carbohydrates.
  • 1/5/2017
    Kidney, gallbladder, and pancreas problems have soared to epidemic levels. Find out how to eliminate stones and sludge, kidney and urinary infections, and organ inflammation.
  • 3/21/2016
    To understand how such a formula works, it helps to have some understanding of how the body interprets and handles pain.