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With so many charlatans and self appointed gurus in the market, it is refreshing to find someone who writes so clearly and to the point, explaining each view simply and completely. After reading Jon Barron's book, I began practicing the preventive measures he recommended. After seven months, I no longer suffer from Fibromyalgia nor Diabetes.

"Well Again"
J. Abbott
  • Vitamin K Deficiency in Teens | Natural Health Blog
    - 10/19/2017

    A new study found that teens who do not eat an adequate amount of vitamin K foods such as leafy green vegetables are more likely to have heart issues.

  • Importance of Eating Breakfast | Heart Health Blog
    - 10/17/2017

    New research suggests that eating a full breakfast every day might help you stay heart healthy.

  • Natural Dog Sedations | Pet Health Blog
    - 10/14/2017

    Various things can set off pet anxiety, but should you rely on drugs?  Learn some natural options!

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The Baseline of Health Foundation® provides free natural health information covering hundreds of natural remedies for virtually every ailment. We do not offer medical advice. Our natural health programs, from detoxing to weight loss and immunity, support the comprehensive health guidelines outlined in Jon Barron’s free alternative health book, Lessons from The Miracle Doctors.  

If you are a new visitor, we highly recommend that you start with Jon Barron's book so you understand his underlying concept--you are only as strong as your weakest link.  For example, you can have the perfect diet and take all kinds of supplements, but if your body is loaded with toxic heavy metals or your colon is clogged with dead fecal matter, you will never achieve optimum health. Jon Barron has outlined a series of steps to help your body throw off disease, and keep it from returning. His program is designed to maximize your body's defense and repair mechanisms so that you never get sick in the first place.  It can even maximize athletic performance.  Thousands have experienced remarkable healings by using it.  

To start, we have a free download of the first edition of his book, a free audio version, or you can purchase the expanded hardcover edition.  We also have a free bi-weekly health newsletter covering the latest health news and issues, and a daily health tip delivered right to your mailbox every morning.  Or, simply search a health topic on our site and read through the hundreds of articles on health and wellness.  We are here to help you get healthy naturally… and stay healthy.

Lessons From the Miracle Doctors


  • Researchers have found atherosclerosis in one-third of ancient mummies that they have discovered and it's surprising to hear that this is the same rate of the disease as we have in modern times.


  • Jon Barron is discussing natural dental health, the effects of energy drinks, root canals and plaque in this latest video. Learn about natural health remedies for dental care from the Baseline of Health founder himself.

Health Newsletters & Daily Tips