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  1. hello ! ive been reading
    hello ! ive been reading about Jon Barrons detox program and i would love to try it. im still a little confused as to how to do the program, are there anything i need to buy or is this kind of like the Whole30 program.

    • Hi Luis,

      Hi Luis,

      You have started at the right place!  You can do the full body detox (highly recommended), or pick an individual detox for special circumstances, such as cleansing heavy metals or kidney care (the only exception to the rule is the Liver Detox which requires you to do the Colon Detox first). Each detox is different when it comes to ingredients you may need, just review the “Products Needed” sections under each detox. If you do the entire full body detox, just click on Detox 1 and it will guide you through the entire program, step by step.

      Keep us posted on your progress!


  2. can you do the full box detox
    can you do the full box detox and still take MEDS to raise t-cell count

    • For obvious legal reasons, we

      For obvious legal reasons, we can not diagnose or prescribe, merely provide information.  As always, if you are taking meds or under a doctor’s care for any medical condition, you will need to talk to your doctor first.

  3. Is there an Ebook or physical
    Is there an Ebook or physical book containing each step of the detox program in detail? If so I’d like to get it.

    • Currently, Jon Barron’s Book

      Currently, Jon Barron’s Book “Lessons From The Miracle Dcotors” just covers the general instructions and the science behind each detox. Our website is the only place that has all the details you will need. However, there are daily diet charts you can download, pages to print, videos to watch, and much more!  

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      • Jon Barron’s Full Body Detox

        Jon Barron’s Full Body Detox Program is pretty elaborate and rare. We are not aware of any center offering an organ specific detox at this level–most just do juice fasting or a diet that focuses on weight loss. Others just focus on stress reduction. Not only have we found them very expensive, but most did not have access to the quality of herbs and formulas we recommend either, which makes a big difference. It would be great if a center adopted our program!  Until then, our focus is to provide the most cleansing, healing detox right from your home–making it affordable and convenient for everyone.

  4. Is it ok to do when 6 wks.
    Is it ok to do when 6 wks. pregnant?

  5. I just read your information
    I just read your information on detox at home and was wondering if there are centers one can go to for body detox….other than rehab for addition of course.

    • Please see our FAQs.

      Please see our FAQs.  Cleansing and detoxification is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

    • It says your name is Tom….
      It says your name is Tom…..Are we witnessing a modern medical miracle?? LOL

  6. I’m trying to find the best
    I’m trying to find the best total body detox

  7. When performing the kidney
    When performing the kidney flush, how much of the daily one pint of the apple juice mix should be taken at one time? How should one spead that consumption over one day?

  8. Really appreciate you sharing
    Really appreciate you sharing this post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

  9. What can help with liver
    What can help with liver damage from drug abuse?, mainly from street drugs,Tylenol with codeine, pain killers.

  10. First, a huge Thank You to
    First, a huge Thank You to Jon Barron for his wonderful products. His detox program has proven a godsend more than once. When it struck me as absurd that an EpiPen should be the last ditch solution to my severe environmental allergies, research led me to Jon’s plentiful information and his ‘miraculous’ detox formulas. I have been allergy free for 7 years now and no longer blame nature for my own toxicity…

    We have reached a quandary this year. We normally do one full detox each year but this time completed phase II of the detox program almost one year ago and now wonder whether we should go ahead and complete Phase III, or start all over again.

    Also, the third detox phase is getting more and more challenging each year. Not being allowed to eat at all for three days is getting harder on the heart as we get older (I was born within a couple of days of Jon – my claim to fame – with a heart murmur worsened by recent acoustic neuroma surgery). Is it possible to incorporate even a daily salad to the liquid menu, or would it defeat the purpose?

  11. I’m am 47 and have had bowel
    I’m am 47 and have had bowel issues my entire life. Up until last year, I had severe constipation, all the time. I would only have a bowel movement once a month (all tests and colonoscopy especially deemed me healthy, but I beg to differ). It was painful to say the least. Every laxative med out there, OTC & RXs, including enemas, cramped me so badly I could barely breathe and have little to no effect. Even when my diet was perfect, I still had these issues. Last year, we think due to a hormone shift thanks to middle age, I started going up to three times a week! But I still have constipation issues, a poor diet and would like to improve my health/lifestyle overall. All this is to ask about toxicity and if a detox in someone like me could be dangerous? I know the material said toxicity is a myth, but I always think that applies to normal people, not me. Is the entire program safe for me? I will ask my doctors as well, but I’m curious if you have come across someone so severe as me before that had any problems. Any outliers? I seem to be an outlier regarding all my medical issues. Thank you for your time

  12. It is an excellent article.
    It is an excellent article. This site has lots of interesting things, it really helped me in many ways.

  13. Hello, Can I do the full body
    Hello, Can I do the full body detox within 30 days? I would cut the colon detox to 20 days in order to have time to do the kidney and liver detox right afterwards within 30 days. It’s for me difficult to do the liver detox in May or June because of my job but I’d have the time to do it in April. Please advise me if it’s ok and still helpful to do the whole detox program in 30 days.

  14. Is there a step by step
    Is there a step by step process link or page on here? It’s seems to be very confusing and everything I click on is sending me to all different places and not showing me where to start or how to access these detoxes.

    Thank you

  15. Can I do the Kidney Cleanse
    Can I do the Kidney Cleanse and the Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse at the same time?

  16. i have been considering your
    i have been considering your full detox program as i am at my wits end with feeling so terrible daily..i have been told with explanation by doctors and others in medical field that it is not possible to detox your liver or any other organ..please advise as i feel so defeated right now..i just need help..thank you