Two Days Later: Liver Detox & Gallbladder Cleanse


  1. This is my third “Barron”
    This is my third “Barron” detox, and my sixth total. It does get easier each time. I’m 73 years old, female. This time I had mild stomach cramps on the first and last days. Fortunately I had cleared my schedule and could curl up with a hot water bottle and a good novel. No problem. I still find assembling/ cleaning my Breville Fountain juicer because I am not mechanically inclined and live alone. It doesn’t get easier. I’ve decided to give up juicing wheatgrass (best for energy) and kale (best for non-hunger) because they’re too difficult to juice. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    The last day was yesterday. Today I don’t feel any different from when I started, perhaps because my diet had been good before (doing Perlmutter’s “Grain Brain.” I lost only two pounds even though I stuck religiously to the detox protocol. The only solid foods I ate were bean sprouts, and not much of them. Those two lost pounds will probably return when I get solid food into my gut again.

    A hint for others: it’s essential to do the detox in the SPRING, not winter, for several reasons. 1) Motivation is higher then with spring energy; 2) One can walk and sit in the sun, which helps with hunger; 3) spring ginger root is easy to peel and doesn’t have those gritty fibers; 4) Chinese medicine says spring is when you should fast (says my acupuncturist).

    I have a question about the blood cleanser product. Have any studies been done to see whether it prevents cancer? I know such a study would be hard to do.

    • Warm weather is certainly a

      Warm weather is certainly a good time to do a detox. But Jon recommends 4 detoxes a year—2 intestinal along with heavy metal detox and 2 kidney/liver/gallbladder along with a blood cleanse. Given that program, you’re going to have to detox in the fall and winter also.

      The Breville Fountain is a great juicer, but better to use a lesser juicer that you find easier to clean and assemble. In other words, a lesser juicer that you use is far superior to a better juicer that you don’t use.

      As for the blood cleanser, there have been no studies on the complete formula, only on the individual ingredients. Something to keep in mind is that if the complete formula were tested and proven to the FDA’s satisfaction, it could no longer be sold over the counter. It would then be considered a drug and require a doctor’s prescription.