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  1. A lazy colon. Please advise.
    A lazy colon. Please advise.
    Digests but will not eliminate.

  2. I poop once a week. And sit
    I poop once a week. And sit over steam when I want to poop. I bleed when I poop. Please advise me on what to do

  3. Very good article. I was
    Very good article. I was having some minor symptoms of polyneuritis, so I did a colonic lavage, 1% NaCl, 2L, temperature about 106 F. Hips elevated, fill descending colon, let it run to the transverse colon, and then turn on my right side, and gently poke cecal region for slight agitation to help slough off adhered materials. I have been eating well, but had a lot of chicken a couple weeks ago and did not fully chew / salivate it. Wow, the lavage was quite successful basis visual observation. 2 hrs. later I feel quite differen and much better. The polyamines and sulfides, di-sulfides, etc. leak into the bloodstream and weaken our oxidation mechanisms. I’ll do some repeats in the upcoming days until they return clear. The above article I found to be very worthwhile, thank you.

  4. The fiber-deficiency theory of diverticular disease was disproved by the Peery study shown here: . There is no doubt that diverticulosis is caused by the abandonment of squatting in the western world. Footstools will not prevent diverticulosis, because only genuine squatting protects the sigmoid colon adequately.

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