Day 1: Liver Detox & Gallbladder Cleanse


  1. Jon,

    I ran into your website when I was looking for protoelitic enzymes. After reading your website I went to baseline for the product.
    Little did I know that soon after that I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Back to your website.

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the invaluable information you have here.

    I am on the first day of the liver cleanse and will keep you posted on how I’m doing.

    I ordered the tea the first time now i’m going to get the liver tincture and the blood cleanser.

    Again thankyou for all of the information.

    I believe it’s going to save my life.

    Best Regards,

    Charlie Spidle
    Crescent City, CA

    • Thank you Charlie for letting

      Thank you Charlie for letting us know! 

  2. I understand the health
    I understand the health benefits and reasons for including garlic and onions, however I am unable to tolerate them. They generally upset my stomach and make me feel quite miserable. Should I leave them out, or is there anything to substitute that would be better than nothing? Or should I do the Alternate Cleanse instead? Thanks.

    • You can leave them out. Keep

      You can leave them out. Keep us posted!