Liver Detox & Gallbladder Cleansing Recipes — Full Body Detox Program


  1. Under Recipes, Juicing
    Under Recipes, Juicing instruction: It says any combo of fruit or veggie will do. Then it says ONE EXCEPTION IS mixing apple and carrot. Then it goes on to give a recipe that has them both in it.

    That reads contradictory to me. It sound like I’m not supposed to combine the two. Could you reclarify.

    • The directions are correct.

      The directions are correct.  The only time you should combine fruit and vegetables when juicing is when juicing with an apple or carrot.

  2. Hi, this is still unclear to
    Hi, this is still unclear to me… does that mean that when I juice vegetables the only fruit I can add is an apple and when I juice fruits the only vegetable I can add is a carrot?

    • Exactly!  Carrots and apples

      Exactly!  Carrots and apples can basically go in any fruit or veggie combination.  

  3. Do you only eat and drink
    Do you only eat and drink these? Is it like a fast or do you add this to your normal diet.

    • Yes, the Liver Detox

      Yes, the Liver Detox incorporates a 3 day juice fast.

  4. I have a friend with
    I have a friend with cirrhosis of the liver and no colon. Is there a juice that will help improve her liver without the stress of the loss of her colon?

    • For obvious legal reasons, we

      For obvious legal reasons, we can not diagnose or prescribe.  That said, everything on our website is natural, but be sure your friend works with her doctor.