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  1. Will your chelation formula
    Will your chelation formula remove iron? I have hemochromatosis and very high iron levels. Phlebotomy is becoming more and more problematic. Can you help me? Thank you, Maureen

    • No, both chlorella and
      No, both chlorella and cilantro actually contain iron, so they are not ideal for removing it from the body. Check with your doctor, but in general, the best solution for lowering iron levels is to donate blood.

    • Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6)
      Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) removes iron (and other minerals) from the body. It should be taken on an empty stomach. Don’t know if it will help with hemochromatosis – you’ll have to investigate that issue yourself.

      • The video of making tinctures
        The video of making tinctures yourself is quite dangerous. I am a naturopath and you must understand the active constituents that you are wanting to extract from your plant. Also understanding the full genus and species and the chemotype. Alcohol only extracts certain constituents and you you need properly managed conditions to ensure adequate manufacturing process.

  2. How can I make it myself – a
    How can I make it myself – a tincture of cilantro ?
    And what else, if I want to make it myself, amounts of tincture and chlorella…?

  3. I am extremely sensitive and
    I am extremely sensitive and have difficulty detoxing (genetic and lots of history). I know I have candida and heavy metals, especially mercury. I am chronically constipated so my times on chlorella have not been workable.

    How would you deal with this situation?


    • I used IP6 to control my iron
      I used IP6 to control my iron levels and it worked well for me keeping them in the normal range. I also detox which helps to remove iron.

    • Good day. I have
      Good day. I have hemochromatosis and have recently had my mercury fillings removed. As I want to detox my body can you tell me if it advisable to use folvic acid to do this. I am concerned it might raise my iron levels Can you give me any insight you may have on this. Or if you have a contact email address for some one who might be able to answer my question would be most useful. my email address is [email protected]

  4. I understand the logic behind
    I understand the logic behind the treatment and so started to take chlorella, however, as a result I suffered from vomits and diarrhoea. Ias this part of the process of eliminating heavy metals from the system?

    • If you want to learn how to
      If you want to learn how to make tinctures, there’s actually a very good video on youtube called How to Make Herbal Tinctures. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dloPF1QDuw. As for releasing the exact formula that Jon Barron uses to make Metal Magic, I’m sure you can understand why we would not be able to get that information from Jon.

      • We answered that earlier in

        We answered that earlier in the chain of comments:

        “No, both chlorella and cilantro actually contain iron, so they are not ideal for removing it from the body. Check with your doctor, but in general, the best solution for lowering iron levels is to donate blood.”

        • EDTA IV chelation certainly

          EDTA IV chelation certainly is the strongest form of heavy metal detoxing, but is indeed expensive and takes a number of repeat, time-consuming visits. With the oral formula that Jon created, the initial detox recommended is six bottles, which when used at the recommended rate of four droppers, three times a day, takes about 30 days—give or take. After that, Jon recommends a maintenance program of 2 bottles every six months.

          That said, the Baseline of Health Foundation does not actually have or sell any products—even Jon Barron’s formulas. We are purely an online information resource. All of Jon’s formulas, however, are available from Baseline Nutritionals.

  5. Where can I get this and how
    Where can I get this and how much does it cost?

  6. Those results listed above
    Those results listed above are virtually impossible to achieve. I would like to know how you came to the conclusion that you removed so much metal in such a short time.

    • As is true with virtually any
      As is true with virtually any food, some people are allergic to chlorella. You may not tolerate chlorella well. Try starting with smaller amounts and see if you can build up.

      • It all depends on what is
        It all depends on what is causing the constipation. If it’s from the sold matter in the chlorella binding you up, then Jon’s Metal Magic tincture would not be a problem, since it’s a pure liquid extract – no solid matter in it. If the problem is caused by an allergic reaction to the chlorella, however, then it wouldn’t matter what form the chlorella was in.

  7. Will this remove cobalt?
    Will this remove cobalt?

  8. As a heavy metal, cobalt is
    As a heavy metal, cobalt is likely to be removed in any chlelation process at about the same rate as lead.

    • All of Jon Barron's
      All of Jon Barron's recommended formulas are in the chart on the page at top called "Products."  If you scroll down that page, you will see a list of formulas and companies that make them.  Enjoy!

  9. Do u have like a shopping
    Do u have like a shopping list of everything one would need to complete the full body cleanse that I can just go to instead of having to disect the whole web sight?

    • Actually, we didn’t come to
      Actually, we didn’t come to that conclusion. Fenestra Research, using their Optimal Wellness Testing methodology, did. Since they ran the tests independently, you can contact them directly to find out exactly how they came to their results.  http://fenestraresearch.com/   I will say the results were the best they had seen in the industry.

  10. How can I obtain a copy of
    How can I obtain a copy of the full study? Thanks! -JS

  11. I have read many times that
    I have read many times that you shouldn't do a metal detox while you still have amalgam fillings in teeth. That cilantro can take mercury into the brain. Is this true??

    • Trying to see reply to Toxic
      Trying to see reply to Toxic girl
      Please tell me what I need to remove heavy metals from my body.
      Thank you,

    • If you go to our Detox
      If you go to our Detox Program, you will see the list of products and diet plan you will need for the entire detox.  Baseline Nutritionals also sells two detox kits that will get you 90% there if you plan on doing the FULL body detox that includes detoxing the colon, liver, blood, kidneys, gallbladder, etc. and heavy metals from organs.  They must go in this order, which is explained in Jon's book (included in kit one).

      Kit One:  http://www.baselinenutritionals.com/products/intestinal-detox-package.php

      Kit Two:  http://www.baselinenutritionals.com/products/kidney-liver-detox-package.php

  12. Considering that 95% of all
    Considering that 95% of all people who do metal detoxing have not had their fillings removed, if what you say is true, there would be many, many stories of brain damage resulting from metal detoxing – but there aren’t.

    Let’s think this through for a moment.

    When you do a metal detox, the metal isn’t coming from your fillings, it’s coming from the soft tissue in your body. In other words, the detoxing is pulling out the mercury that is already in your body, not adding mercury to it. If anything, it is lowering levels of mercury in your body and brain, again, not adding to it. Make sense? Also, Jon recommends using a combination of cilantro and chlorella to even further minimize any risk. The cilantro breaks the electrical bond that the metals have with your soft tissue; and the chlorella then “sponges” up the chlorella that has been released. The bottom line is that pulling out amalgam fillings before a metal detox is not necessary. Simply repeat the detox slightly more often because you have a guaranteed source of mercury still in your mouth that is continually depositing new mercury in your soft tissue.

  13. Hi, will this help to remove
    Hi, will this help to remove copper?

    Found out i am very high in copper.

    • The full study exists as raw
      The full study exists as raw data, so it’s not particularly intelligible  when seen in that form. It also contains proprietary information, which also precludes it from being published in unedited form.

  14. As a heavy metal, copper is
    As a heavy metal, copper is likely to be removed in any chlelation process at about the same rate as lead.

  15. I am a 43 year old female
    I am a 43 year old female that lives in the south. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogrens. I’ve had numerous complications since then. I am currently virtually non-functional, I can’t find my way around my city or to a doctor’s office I’ve already visited. A neurologist ordered several tests (cognitive, driving and blood). The blood test showed my manganese levels to be 9.7 (

    • Having a study that proves
      Having a study that proves your Magic Metal chelating kit achieves extra-ordinary results well over virtually any other chelating option in the market and keep it unaccessible to all of us your potential clients makes absolutely no sense!!!
      My question to you Mr Barron is…
      Why you have not taken steps to convert all the raw data existing for said study into a easy to understand scientific document to support the extra-ordinary effectiveness of your Heavy Metal Detox Kit?
      And if you are on the process of creating such document… would you send me a copy?
      (meanwhile I’ll be patient as a client-to-be)

      • If you follow the proper

        If you follow the proper order in detoxing, then you are not releasing toxins into the bloodstream, with the exception of heavy metal detoxing. If you start with colon detoxing, it is doing most of its work in the colon, not the bloodstream. It prepares the body for easy elimination of toxins released in the rest of the detoxes. The kidney flush doesn’t actually release toxins. It helps flush out and repair the kidneys. The sludge that is flushed out never enters the bloodstream. It is dumped into the ureters, then the bladder, and then into the toilet. It also helps soften stones in preparation for the liver cleanse. The liver cleanse purges waste from the liver into the gallbladder and then out through the colon. The toxins only enter the bloodstream if the elimination channels are plugged and there is nowhere for the toxins to go. But if you do things in the proper order, that’s not an issue. In any case, there is no harm in doing things slowly to build up your comfort level. And, as always, if you are under a doctor’s care for your liver and kidneys, then you will need to work with them in regard to doing any detoxes.

        • No, those metals were not

          No, those metals were not specifically tested. As to a possible negative synergistic effect from multiple heavy metals, Jon explained one such example when he wrote about how fluoride makes aluminum more bio-available and better able to cross the blood brain barrier.

          • Remember, Jon’s heavy metal

            Remember, Jon’s heavy metal detox formula is made with cilantro, chlorella, and fulvic acid. Were you instructed not to eat any of those? That would be unusual considering that chlorella and fulvic acid are recommended treatments for Candida. They also bind with heavy metals so that they can’t return to the brain from where the cilantro released them (cilantro crosses the blood/brain barrier. And keep in mind, there’s nothing to stop you from doing a program to bring Candida levels down before doing the heavy metal detox. In any case, if you start the heavy metal detox, you might want to start slowly with one dropper a day and then build up gradually over a couple of weeks to full dosage. If you have any problems, you can always back things down to a level that was previously comfortable and hold at that level. With the heavy metal detox, it’s not how much you take at one time—but how much you take over time.

            Also, when it comes to Hashimoto’s disease, you might find the following article useful. http://www.jonbarron.org/article/endocrine-system-thyroid-and-parathyroid-gland

  16. hello, can this product
    hello, can this product remove coloidal silver ?, Thanks

  17. Hi, so you do have
    Hi, so you do have recommendations for the tinctures but you don't have a purchasable formula for sale, do you? Thanks!

  18. Actually, the use of an
    Actually, the use of an alcohol/water mix, which is what the video calls for, is the standard for making herbal tinctures. Of course, there are things that can be done by experts in the preparation of the water and alcohol used in the solvent mix that can make it much more effective as a solvent, but not less dangerous. So unless someone is making tinctures out of questionable herbs, there is nothing in the video that is particularly dangerous.

      • The current formula, which
        The current formula, which contains humic/fulvic acid is not the same as the one that was originally tested. At this point, the old data is merely suggestive and no longer directly applies.

  19. Several years ago, I tried
    Several years ago, I tried Jon Barron’s formula, Metal Magic. It was not a good experience for me. I had several alarming side effects (I felt “buzzing” in my head for one). I returned the bottles for a refund. Now I’m wondering… if I cannot take the Metal Magic, what else can I do to detox heavy metals from my system? I have read that cilantro and chlorella can detox heavy metals. If I try that, how much of each should I take? Thank you for your response.

    • As asked, the question is not
      As asked, the question is not meaningful. There are two facts you need to separate before you can answer your question.

      First colloidal silver is merely the vehicle for carrying silver ions into your body. It is not a “type” of silver. Once absorbed inside your body, the silver ions separate from the water carrier and are no longer a colloid suspension.

      Second silver is a metal so it is chelatable

      Given that, we can rephrase your question into three parts, and arrive at a more meaningful answer.

      If you take colloidal silver and a chelating agent at the same time will the chelating agent absorb the silver and prevent it from working.

      And the answer is yes it is likely to absorb some of it, but the amount of silver that you are taking is likely to overwhelm the chelating agent so that most of the silver will still be absorbed by the body.

      Will a chelating agent pull silver out of the body?

      Yes, over time. It is likely to pull some silver out of the body.

      Will it reverse argyria, the blue/grey coloration of the skin that  has been known to appear in some cases where people overdo colloidal silver?

      There are stories on the net about people who have used chelating agents to reverse argyria, but they are unconfirmed. Also, you need to keep in mind that if you have argyria, you are no longer talking about trace amounts of silver in your body. The silver levels are quite high and would probably require intravenous EDTA chelation if there was any chance of reversing the argyria in a relatively short time. But without any testing or studies to support it, that is merely speculation at this point in time.

  20. I have heard that chorella
    I have heard that chorella cannot be taken with a seafood/ iodine allergy? Is this the case with this formula? Would love to try it if I can!

    • Hi Courtney,  
      You are

      Hi Courtney,  

      You are correct, the Baseline of Health Foundation is just a non-profit organization dedicated to offering free health information on natural remedies.  The founder, Jon Barron, sells his formulas through Baseline Nutritionals:  http://www.baselinenutritionals.com/shop.php?display=products

  21. Hi there, just had blood test
    Hi there, just had blood test results back with Vitamin D toxicity so I have too much calcium in my blood. The magnesium is low also. Therefore it could be related to that or I have been using a D3 supplement (not avidly or anything). My Vit D levels are at35nmol/L, the Dr hasnt phoned me with any worry so my assumption is it cant be that bad. I decied to increase Vit K by using miso soup and have felt much better the last few days. Lots of water to dilute the blood. My stomach pain have eased a lot. My question is…. Some studies are showing that the Vit K2 can also take the excess calcium outof solft tissue. So that sounds great but Miso also contains a good amount of calcium, so I didnt know if I may add to the problem. I was quite red in the face and this seems to have mainlu gone. However I am now wondering if this herbal chelation method would help also remove calcium that may have built up fromt he soft tissues. Its linked fromt he killer calcium page so I believe thats what yo are getting at, but its not mentioned in the above article. I have also bought some K2 in supplement form but am a bit worried again about taking supplements so thought th efood route was the best choice in the first instance?

  22. Hi. I was wondering if your
    Hi. I was wondering if your chelation system will help detox post mri. I’m very concerned about the contrast. Thank you sooo much for your response.

    • Metal Magic is made from just
      Metal Magic is made from just cilantro and chlorella, so it appears those two ingredients are a problem for you.

  23. Hi. I have manganese toxicity
    Hi. I have manganese toxicity and am wondering if this formula would work on that. I’m also wondering if chlorella and cilantro can cross the blood-brain barrier. If so, is there any risk of moving lead or manganese from the soft tissue to the brain?


    • If you have a seafood allergy

      If you have a seafood allergy, then it is likely you will have a problem with chlorella.

  24. I’ve heard chelation helps
    I’ve heard chelation helps Autistic children detox from heavy metals. Any restrictions or warnings or a way to do it safely?

  25. I’m so glad Jon updated this
    I’m so glad Jon updated this formula. I love his formulas, but I was one of the ones who experienced a problem with this one… (when I did his heavy metals cleanse, I could feel things “buzzing” around inside my head). Someone from Baseline Nutritionals told me it couldn’t be the formula because it only contained cilantro and chlorella and that I must have a problem with those two ingredients (which I’d never had–just with this particular formulation). Now I can give this formula another try!

    • The formula referred to in

      The formula referred to in the article is for removing toxic heavy metals from the body. An MRI would have no impact on that.

  26. Is there some way to test to
    Is there some way to test to see if your body is needing to be cleansed of heavy metals and then to determine how long you should do it for?

    • This person was refering to
      This person was refering to the Gadolinium that is in the contrast. Tests have shown that the Gadolinium deposits in all the organs and bone. There are millions of us with Gadolinium deposited in our bodies from MRI’s with contrast. Gadolinium is a Lanthanide rare earth metal.

  27. Is there a detox formula for
    Is there a detox formula for those of us allergic to cilantro and or chlorella? allergic to many foods including seeds, herbs, nuts, etc.

    • Manganese is a heavy metal.

      Manganese is a heavy metal. It will be chelated along other heavy metals. As far as crossing the blood brain barrier, one of the key values of cilantro as a chelating agent is that it does cross the blood brain barrier and thus chelates heavy metals in the brain and then transports them out.

  28. Hi Baseline 🙂
    Hi Baseline 🙂

    following the guidlines given in Jon’s book – ‘Lessons from…’; on page 106/7 he gives an outline of the cilantro pesto for heavy metal removal.

    Have you any idea how long this (mixed with some chlorella) will keep in the fridge. Would i need to cut it into 3 seperate containers for example, freeze 2 of them, and thaw 1 of them at the end of each week?

    Many thanks for your help 🙂

  29. Will I be able to take my
    Will I be able to take my medications during the 42 days of chelation?

  30. You have me sold, but I can
    You have me sold, but I can’t find the buy page.

  31. I have read that Chlorella
    I have read that Chlorella can increase sensitivity to the sun? For me this would be a turn off, is there any explanation for this?

  32. I want to know more .what
    I want to know more .what clean your blood

  33. I had a similar question to
    I had a similar question to Jess earlier. Does this work to remove calcium?

    • We don’t sell anything at the

      We don’t sell anything at the Baseline of Health Foundation, we are a non-proft that gives free natural health information.  See the link above called “Products.”  All formulation recommendations and the companies that sell them are listed on that page.  

  34. I have successfully used many
    I have successfully used many of the formulas developed and sold through Baseline Nutritionals, and greatly appreciate the expert and unparalleled advice that Jon Barron provides on this website.

    I have a general question about the risk of all heavy metal detox formulas for people who have been diagnosed with leaky gut. At a recent seminar I attended for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, the presenter strongly discouraged the use of all such heavy metal detoxes because of the risk of re-absorption of the loosened metals back into the systems of people with leaky gut, and the resultant dangerous movement of those loosened metals into the brain, thus causing permanent damage. I am interested in hearing Jon’s take on this position. Thank-you.

    • There’s nothing special about

      There’s nothing special about chlorella and sun sensitivity; it’s the chlorophyll in the chlorella. Chlorophyll heightens sun sensitivity in some people. If you have no problem eating high chlorophyll vegetables–such as spinach, kale, chard, collards, broccoli, grapes, celery–then it is unlikely chlorella will present a problem.

      • You should work with your

        You should work with your doctor if on any medication and considering detoxing, but for most medications, it should be fine.

        • Check with an alternative

          Check with an alternative health practitioner. The standard methods for determining heavy metal toxicity are blood testing, urine provocation testing, and hair analysis—and usually a combination of all three.

  35. I am trying to detox from an
    I am trying to detox from an Injection of botulinium toxin.
    Will choorella and cilantro work for me..
    Thank you

  36. When formulating Metal Magic
    When formulating Metal Magic were clinical studies done on the following heavy metals: Cesium, Palladium and Platinum? I am elevated in each of the metals in addition to Lead and Mercury. Do heavy metals work synergistically in the body?

  37. If a person is now taking
    If a person is now taking meds for hypertension .. and he decides to use protolytic enzymes, would its use remove some of the effects of the medication within the arterial wallls ?

    If so, how would you minimise any adverse results ?

    Thank you for any information

    Ed R

  38. If the kidneys and liver are
    If the kidneys and liver are somewhat compromised, can using your detox formula actually cause more damage due to the organs being unable to handle the newly-active toxins in the bloodstream? Should these organs be healed as much as possible first, before the detox? Thanks, TD

    • Unlikely. They are heavy

      Unlikely. They are heavy metal chelators.

      • Calcium is technically a

        Calcium is technically a heavy metal. “Heavy metals” is an inexact term used to describe more than a dozen elements that are metals or metalloids (elements that have both metal and nonmetal characteristics) This includes Calcium, Copper, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, and Manganese. Because they cannot be degraded or destroyed, heavy metals are persistent in all parts of the environment.

        The cutoff point to be considered a heavy metal is a specific gravity of 5 gm per cubic centimeter. With that in mind, the specific gravity of both calcium is above 8 — thus it is a heavy metal. Note: with a specific gravity of 2.55-2.80, aluminum is not a heavy metal — but is treated as such in terms of toxicity and will also be pulled from the body by a good chelating agent.

        That said, an oral chelating formula can be highly effective at removing small amounts of heavy metals which have great toxicity at very low levels – mercury, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, etc. It will not remove a significant enough amount of metals that have a substantial presence in the body, such as calcium or iron, to be even the slightest bit noticeable. Also, the important thing with calcium is not so much the amount you consume or chelate, but how your body regulates where it redistributes the vast amount that is already present in your calcium bank—your bones—and for that, body pH is a primary consideration.

  39. Hi, has Cilantro essential
    Hi, has Cilantro essential oil the same effect? It is stronger or it has lost its detox properties. In others sites, (sellers mostly) say it does but there is not any scientific bibliography. Could you tell me something about? I have Cilantro essential Oil but I have never use it to ingest or to massage. Thank you.

  40. I mistakenly took 5000 Vit B
    I mistakenly took 5000 Vit B 12, as part of improving over all health after Chemo and Radiation.

    Unbeknown to me there was high levels of Nickel in this product, and am so allergic to Nickel, if something just sits on my skin for five minutes with Nickel I will have an immediate reaction.

    For the past three weeks I am crawling out of my skin with itch, and breaking out where ever there is a hot spot….ie bra, panty creases in my legs and under arms…

    Do you recommend your product for detoxing….

  41. Hi, I need to know if this
    Hi, I need to know if this would work on children ages 6 to 13 years? Since I’ve known they absorb heavy metals in a greater way that us adults.

    • We would question whether a
      We would question whether a cilantro essential oil is concentrated enough in the bioactives that actually break the bonds heavy metals have with human tissue to be effective as a detox agent. A quality tincture, on the other hand, contains all bioactives in a concentrated form and has proven to be effective.

      • Proteolytic enzymes are

        Proteolytic enzymes are unlikely to change the efficacy of any hypertension medications, be they diuretics, calcium channel blockers, or beta blockers. However, using proteolytic enzymes might require a change in the amount of medication you need. In any case, you will want to consult with your physician before using any supplements.

  42. Will this help remove all
    Will this help remove all Platinum group metals from the body?

    • I wonder if you took
      I wonder if you took cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin.

      Avoic the cyano form. Cyano is cyanide-based.

      A different brand might not have the Nickel in it.

      • Yes, it would probably work

        Yes, it would probably work with children the same as with adults as the mechanisms of action would remain unchanged. That said, we recommend that you consult with your pediatrician before using any herbal formulas with children. This advice would hold true for any natural formula that actually works VS a placebo.

  43. Should Metal Magic be taken
    Should Metal Magic be taken away from mealtimes? I’ve been using chlorella and modified citrus pectin for lead chelation until now, and that’s taken half an hour before a meal. That’s so the pectin, and maybe the chlorella, can act as a bile-toxin binder. Does Metal Magic have a similar relationship with the release of bile? Thanks for answering questions!

  44. I have ALS . I was tested for
    I have ALS . I was tested for metals after a chelating process of EDTA 1500 mg thru IV over a 3 hour period. then they tested my urine specimens over the next 6 hours. The test came back and my cadmium was 5.8 and lead was 17. They were in danger zone. Also had nickel thorium and tungsten, but these were high but not in danger zone. My question is how much of s your product would I need to be equivalent to 1500 mg of EDTA. The IV is expensive and I’m trying to find another option to remove toxins in my body.

    • The formula has never been
      The formula has never been specifically tested for platinum, but the combination of cilantro and chlorella should work for all heavy metals.

  45. Hi, can you please tell me if
    Hi, can you please tell me if the ‘Metal Magic’ would help a child of 7 with Autism, or what would you recommend should be undertaken. Currently a MMS formula by Jim Humble is being administered with positive but slow results, but tastes so vile for the child. I’m hoping to find something else more palatable and possibly even better/quicker acting. Thank you.

  46. Hi, is this suitable for
    Hi, is this suitable for children? and what will be the dosage?

  47. Instead of doing the initial
    Instead of doing the initial 6 bottle cleanse back to back, could I spread it out over 6 months by taking one bottle every month? Would it still have the same effect?

  48. I haven’t read all the
    I haven’t read all the questions about this article, so this may have been answered.

    I’m wondering if there are any physical signs of detoxing using Metal Magic. Perhaps the urine changes odor, or some skin change.


  49. Good evening,
    Good evening,

    Do you think this could help for nickel allergy?


  50. My son is 7yrs old and is on
    My son is 7yrs old and is on the autism spectrum with a lot of behaviour issues and is quite hyper active.he has been tested and discovered heavy metals, lead, mercury, aluminium, arsenic. please can i do the cilantro and chorella detox for him, and how do i do it, should it be in the form of a smoothie glen with some fruits to sweeten it. kindly advise

  51. Jon, I have been using many
    Jon, I have been using many of your products for years. Colon cleanse and colon corrective may have save my life and your women’s formula helped me tremendously, particularly through menopause. Starting on the Phi-zymes, loads of research great research on this. I very much appreciate your sharing of knowledge as well as high quality products. Twelve years with you and still here with good quality of life Jon. Thanks for the help!

  52. This product sounds amazing.
    This product sounds amazing. Can you tell me where the Chlorella is sourced and is it tested for heavy metals? I am very cautious of Chlorella after the amount of radiation that was and is still being emitted from Fukushima into the ocean and atmosphere.

  53. I have tested high for nickel
    I have tested high for nickel and moderate for lead. Will this formula work to eliminate these metals? Thank you!

  54. HI
    Where do I order the heavy metal detox formula. I want to order it NOW. Also can my cats take it? They also were exposed to chemicals in the environment and pesticides.

    I’d like to talk to you about these things as I have now brain toxicity and more issues. Now I can’t be near any kind of paint or cleaners if they aren’t 100 percent non toxic non chemical. I get reactions right away making it hard for me to live anywhere now.

  55. Does this work getting rid of
    This works getting rid of toxins from vaccinés

  56. Where do I buy this product to get rid of toxins

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