The Healing Crisis: Detox Symptoms


  1. Why in the world would anyone

    Why would anyone be rushing to do a liver detox after reading this? This sounds scary!

    • At the Baseline of Health
      At the Baseline of Health Foundation, we want to give as much information as possible so that you can make “informed” decisions. Some people have no reactions at all.  Others, if they have any toxic build-up in the body, will have more of a reaction such as mild headaches and fatigue. And a few have stronger reactions. Simply put, the more toxins you have, the higher chance of a "healing crisis" reaction.  That does not mean you should not try a detox.  Would you rather keep the toxins inside, slowly poisoning you years after year? Quite simply, people put up with the side-effects that may or may not occur when detoxing because of the end-result benefits. Keep in mind the cyclist’s description of where he ended up after the detox. “I woke up in an hour and immediately noticed that my sinuses were clearer than I can ever remember. My headache was gone, and I felt like a million bucks.” As a result, he became a regular, and dedicated detoxer – and never again experienced a similar reaction.

  2. To the two people who wrote
    To the two people who wrote about not wanting to try the detox, what a mistake! There is NO ESCAPE from bad health. You are either going to suffer from the side effects of your bad diet now when you detox, or later from either cancer, heart disease, MS, and on and on. What is worse: years of suffering from chemotherapy or a bad week with a headache on a detox? Don’t you people get it? I have a family member going through chemotherapy. He refused to do a detox, now he suffers ENDLESSLY with cancer and other health issues. If only he would have listened. Sure, he tried to eat healthy, but with the toxins today, that was not enough! I tried to warm him. What is nice about this site is they tell you the truth. If a detox was easy, then it means it is not DOING ANYTHING. Also, if you are healthy, you shouldn’t have these side effects. My first detox was hard, now it is nothing.

  3. In reading the above comments
    In reading the above comments from those that decidec not to do a detox, is there any way you can detox in increments that would make
    it easier were it to become a rough detox? A little at a time? And by the way, my email IS valid.

  4. Currently I am on a metal
    Currently I am on a metal detox, as I am having amalgams removed. I have done several colon and metal detoxes in the past and it is possible to go slower – currently I take 2 capsules instead of 6 for the metal cleanse, more the day and a few after I get fillings changed out. I feel better going slower with it.

    My colon initially was a mess as was I, I fought parasites almost 2 years, but havent seen any for over a year and none out of the last colon cleanse. For years I was Ill and did not know I was gluten intolerant, another reason I was in poor health, dx lyme, chronic epstein, then erlichia, myoclonins (tics) memory problems, anxiety and depression.

    My health has improved greatly besides finding the right medicine, from cleansing and the right supplements. 15 years of medicine alone was not enough, in fact last year I had to stop medicines due to low white blood counts. My memeory is now better and tics have all disappeared with supplementing more vitamins for kryptopyrolouria B 6 B 12 Biotin Niacin Zinc and others. I also supplement some grapefruit seed extract for candida control with probiotics and with juicing, miracle reds and macro greens.

  5. It might sound strange but I
    It might sound strange but I am looking forward to the liver flush. I’m currently almost finished the 30 colon cleanse/metal detox. Once in awhile I will get a detox symptom, but for the most part it has been pretty uneventful. There are plenty of things keeping me from feeling like a million bucks…I hope I can say I get that back!

  6. I must be crazy, but reading
    I must be crazy, but reading about this person’s experience makes me want to do a liver detox!!!

    • Start at a low dose and move
      Start at a low dose and move up gradually. I thought I was dying and had to stop due to being so weak at work.

  7. Do you recommend cleansing
    Do you recommend cleansing for me? I’m 69 years old, 100 lbs. overweight, diabetic, have hypertension, chemically-induced asthma, have NASH/cirrhosis, scarcoidosis, type 2 diabetes, low thyroid. On meds for diabetes, low thyroid, hypertension. I need your help; what do you recommend?
    Thanks for your help!

  8. I went through the colon
    I went through the colon first and lost a lot of old fecal matter(wow)! To think this cramp is in our body for years. No wonder most people walk around so grumpy:)! I did not have any side effects.
    Than I did the liver gallbladder cleanse. This one wasn’t as a walk n the park. I had headaches, sweats, and on my last day I broke out in rashes and felt very faint. All apart of the cleanse.. I recommend doing a few cleanses on the bowel first so that at least your clean there and maybe the process won’t be as toxic. So I’m on day 2 of my second bowel cleanse 🙂 best of health to everyone!

  9. Do you have to do the full
    Do you have to do the full body cleanse or can you just do one certain cleanse you wish

  10. i can hardly wait to try..i
    i can hardly wait to try..i did do a liver cleanse years ago..w yes..a headache to die for..but when i woke up the next morning i felt soo much better..i cant wait to precleanse w the colon one first..then i will do the other two..i have never cleansed the kidneys..wondering if that will help w lower back “stiffness.” cant wait..but i will take it slow and do it right!

  11. I did the three-stage detox
    I did the three-stage detox about 4 years ago. I’ve been wanting to do it again, and convinced my wife to do it for the first time. We are in the first 10 days of the colon cleanse and are also doing the blood chelation with metal magic. I personally had some light headedness the first time I did it, but nothing except generally foggy (it just went away yesterday). But my wife had a severe reaction. The night before, she woke up at 3AM and her arm, hand, part of her leg, and lower jaw were numb. She got very nervous thinking it could be a heart attack or stroke. She went to the emergency room. Did an ECG, which was clear. Blood work, fine. They said she was dehydrated, gave her an IV. Wanted to do a cat scan, she refused. Still had the numbness, but thought the fluids would clear it up. She came home, slept for a while, woke up, still numb. She got nervous, went back to the Emergency room. They did an MRI, all clear. Got home, slept the whole night and she feels fine this morning. She’s going to give it a day or two, but wants to go back on the detox. By the way, she noticed on the discharge paper work they gave her that it said paresthesia, which one cause is heavy metal poisoning. Very interesting, given that is one of the main uses of the detox is to rid the body of heavy metals.

  12. No, I am glad you have come
    No, I am glad you have come clean about the healing crisis, and all the potential reactions. I would respect you more if you give me all the facts, and let me decide for myself. Especially if you have a line of products to sell.

    At least this way, I know you are putting your clients/friends/followers first and profit last, this makes me perceive you as a genuine person, and I thank you for that.

    What scares me more than a healing crisis, is letting all the toxins/parasites/bacteria stay where they are and continue attacking my body on a cellular level. Kind regards…pat

  13. Hi,
    I appreciate the info on this website and will definitely use some of it as I do my own detox. But I have to disagree quite strongly with your take on the healing crisis. I know it’s the norm to embrace the healing crisis as a reasonable part of detox, but in my opinion and that of many other healers, a so-called healing crisis is actually a very clear sign from your body that you are detoxing too fast. Sure, you may feel better after you purge, but to get this sick in the first place is more than a normal symptom of die-off – it’s a sign that you’ve released toxins into your body faster than your body can eliminate them. While you may vomit some of them out, your body will also re-absorb some of them, perhaps in ways that make you worse off in the long term. These toxins are stored as safely as our bodies can manage. When we detox, the toxins are circulating again. The goal is to release them gradually so that they eliminate, rather than being reabsorbed. Vomiting and diarrhea is a sign that normal elimination systems are overloaded – it is not a guarantee that the toxins are all being released. I suggest that before embracing any one “program”, people do lots of research and study their options. Lower supplement dosages, keep up a balanced diet and even take some days of the week or month off. Please reconsider the healing crisis paradigm, and take it slow.

  14. I recently went through my
    I recently went through my first detox and I experienced exactly what the cyclist experienced. What started out as a minor case of bronchitis (there is no minor case of bronchitis), ended up being the worst toxin experience of my life. Whatever that antibiotic was set off a chain reaction I would not wish on my worst enemy. Long story short, I was nauseous for more than two weeks, until my body started talking to me. I began the detox and on day 1, I thought I was going to die…headache, vomiting, no strength at all. But, by the second day, I was feeling much better. I never realized how toxic my body was until I started eating right. Another symptom I had that I don’t hear much about is the “shakes.” That’s the poison talking to you. Start out slow and best wishes!

  15. I already take digestive
    I already take digestive enzymes 2-3 times a day with main meals, two probiotic pills a day (I purchased mine from the website here), and I eat a smoothie daily that contains 3 T of mixed flax/chia seed, an apple or pear, avacodo, and about 1 cup of mixed pureed veggies (broccoli, power greens by Taylor Farms, butternut squash/carrots) with various fruits also and am regular with 2-3 BMs daily. I have already done a total body cleanse (first cleanse) by Renew Life. So I was wondering wouldn’t the colon detoxifier be enough for me or would someone like me still need the colon corrective?

  16. I recently began a candida
    I recently began a candida cleanse and just days after I began I developed bronchitis like symptoms. A violent cough and coughing up yellow aND white phlegm. This has now been going on for over two weeks. Should I be concerned? I am contemplating getting a chest x-ray just to make sure that pnuemonia isn’t present, however I am not interested in antibiotics as they are the reason I am candida cleansing in the first place! In the beginning I a had a very low-grade fever. Now there is no fever but the cough is very persistent and I am constantly hacking. Any thoughts? Is this common of candida expelling itself from the lungs. Do the die off symptoms last for weeks? Thanks for your input!

  17. I have started they call the
    I have started they call the 28 day eating plan. I am on day 2 now and I woke up with the worst headache I have ever experienced and I literally got sick about 3 times during the morning already. I have now noticed that the headache is starting to lighten up and I am starting to feel a bit better. After reading this, I now realize that I obviously had some of the worst detox experiences and although it is really very bad, I must admit that I am glad I am getting rid of all these toxins in my body. I did not realize I had this much toxins taking into consideration how ill I am in the detox process. They say I will still feel some illness and headaches in the next two days, but the worst should be over by end of today. I am more motivated to see the 28 days through and even perhaps go for round 2 & 3 as loosing weight is an obvious bonus to the plan.

    • This was back in February.
      This was back in February. How are you feeling now? I’ve been fasting and losing weight and I’m not sure I’m going through a healing crisis or just sick but my symptoms are much like yours. I had chills for a couple days. The. I had to lay down for a random nap and was dizzy that morning. I broke my fast because I didn’t feel right. Then, I got a massive headache when I woke from my nap. Ever since, I’ve been coughing up disgusting phlegm for days. My lymph mods are terribly swollen. I’ve lost my voice. But it’s not like a normal cold and no one else has gotten sick so I’m thinking it’s a healing crisis.

      • If you want to do a liver
        If you want to do a liver detox, then you should do a colon detox in advance — or you will be trying to dump toxins out of your body into a clogged pipe (your colon) and cause the toxins to reabsorb back into the body….not good.

  18. I was curious as to your
    I was curious as to your recommendation for thyroid issues. I know I was severely overexposed to fluoride as a child and growing up, which I’m pretty sure is a major factor in my hypothyroidism. How would I go about doing a detox for this kind of issue?

    • The healing crisis we

      The healing crisis we reference above is when performing Jon Barron’s Liver Detox.  We have integrated specials herbs and minerals to make sure you are getting enough potassium and other necessary minerals in your diet.  So, your headache could be due to much more than a healing crisis mentioned.  Just be careful.

  19. Health is not something you
    Health is not something you rush unless you are in an extreme state of I’ll health! Then all you need to do is make an extreme lifestyle change! Detox programs like this are all crap! The body heals and restores itself naturally given the right conditions!

    1. Eat properly for your body! Healthy Organic Chemical Free foods!

    2. If you’re going to be a Vegan you better learn about Complete Sources of Protein!

    3. Always drink plenty of good quality clean water throughout the day!

    4. Get good sleep daily!

    If you make a severe lifestyle change your body will naturally detox in time the way it’s meant to be done!

    Detoxification taking all this crap companies try to sell you is only if you have a very serious health problem like cancer as example!

    Remember if you’re not dying you don’t need this crap, what you need is a lifestyle change!

    The body does heal and detoxify itself but you can’t rush the bodies own natural healing if you want true health!

    • Most fluoride passes in your

      Most fluoride passes in your urine, but some remains—and yes, especially in the thyroid. That said, nutrients and protocols used to detox fluoride include:

      • Selenium
      • Iodine
      • Boron
      • Tamarind tea
      • Sweating—as in a sauna or from heavy exercise
      • And a good liver detox (see How To Detox) button at top of site
  20. After about 3 days into my
    After about 3 days into my transition to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (WFPBD), my asthma symptoms increased. I was afraid that I was reacting to something in the new diet. Anyone heard of this happening before? FYI, I also cut out salt, sugar, oil, and all grains (for the gluten).

    • Although we would absolutely

      Although we would absolutely agree with your recommendation to live a healthy lifestyle, we would have to challenge pretty much everything else.

      • If you think that simply eating properly protects you from toxins, then you haven’t read the Toxic Nation report from Canada. As it turns out, it doesn’t matter how organic one’s diet is or how far you live from centers of pollution, if you are alive today, your body is packed with toxins.
      • If you think your body naturally rids itself of all toxins, you might want to let everyone in Flint know that they have nothing to worry about. Wth a good diet, some sleep, and clean water of course, the lead will naturally be cleansed from their bodies…or not. In fact, there is a reason doctors use chelation to remove heavy metals from the body: they form an electrical bond with your tissues and don’t clear out on their own. As for the tens of thousands of non-heavy-metal, organic toxins released into the environment by industry, they embed themselves inside fat cells and likewise do not clear the body without intervention.
      • If you think that detoxification protocols don’t work, then you are unaware of the recent studies which have confirmed the validity of intelligent autolysis.
      • And if you’re worried about the costs of detoxing, most legitimate detox programs are not that expensive as anything you buy is primarily designed to support detox protocols such as fasting and the consumption of specific detox foods such as the olive oil/citrus drink for cleaning out the liver and gallbladder. And fasting and olive oil are not very expensive.

      Look, does detoxing cure every disease? Of course not. Are all detox programs legitimate? Again, of course not. 

      But is detoxing “crap”? Well, you might want to ask the millions of people (yes, we’re talking millions of people worldwide and over the years) who have followed real detox programs to rid themselves of long-term illness that no medical procedure or dietary change had been able to help with. They would emphatically disagree with you. And if you’re looking for concrete, empirical, visible proof that at least some detox protocols work, you might want to talk to Chuck F. in Wisconsin who wrote to tell us that he went on the kidney flush protocol immediately after having been diagnosed with a large kidney stone—visibly verified in a scan. It took him one week to finish the detox, which he did just before going in for his scheduled lithotripsy. Upon arriving for his surgery, however, the medical team ran another scan to pinpoint the location of the stone—only to have it now show up as a dissolved smear. The procedure was cancelled. Just a guess, but we would tend to think that Chuck would disagree with you.

      Again, you are correct: diet, sleep, and clean water are essential to good health. But your assertion that detoxing is “crap” (all puns aside), doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

  21. Well, I got liver cirrosis,
    Well, I got liver cirrosis, do I have to do the colon detox too, please let me know, thanks

  22. Excellent rebut!!!
    Excellent rebut!!!