Blood Detox And Cleanse: Instructions


  1. I have melanoma lung cancer.
    I have melanoma lung cancer. I have had a cancer removed from my brain and they said I had seven melanomas in my lungs. I am taking blood support and feeling much better. I plan to take two weeks break and then continue the treatment as before. My question is: Do I keep taking blood support for three weeks and break for two weeks until I get a good MRI report, or should I stop completely after say 3 months?
    Many thanks for your assistance.
    Peter O’Neill

    • Hi Peter,

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for sharing and we sincerely hope you feel better.  For obvious legal reasons, we can not prescribe or diagnose.  Although Baseline Nutritionals also can not legally answer any medical question, you can direct any product questions to their customer support team by emailing [email protected].

  2. This is one of the best detox
    This is one of the best detox plans I have come across. I have spent years chasing my symptoms and researching what has worked for others. Clearly Rx meds are not the answer, They always did me more harm in the long run. There is no single magic bullet. It’s not just important to deal with Colonic cleansing, the bowel, or supplements. This detox plan covers the big picture. The only thing I would add is that we have to eliminate the source of the problem. In my case it was breast implants (Biofilm and toxins), and amalgam tooth fillings (heavy metals). Any foreign objects in the body cause dangerous Biofilm. Rx meds such as antibiotics destroyed my natural flora, and we’re fuel to a fungal fire. Mold in the home is an issue for many. The cortisone meds that followed antibiotics almost destroyed my immune system. Root canals can also become septic head quarters. Eliminating the source of toxins, followed by this type of thorough detox plan, will bring us back to health! Thank you.

    • Thank you Michelle! 

      Thank you Michelle!