Heavy Metal Detox Instructions


  1. Hi,

    Quick question. Would you do a colonic before or after detox 1?

  2. Hi there, I have recently
    Hi there, I have recently been diagnosed with motor neurone disease/ALS. I have read about the toxic neurological effects from heavy metal poisoning. I’m not expecting this to cure but help perhaps. I just need to be proactive and not just get on the boat of medical support until death, it’s not on. Can you best advise what quantity I need to purchase, how much to take (the video had different bottles etc) and perhaps individual dosage to take and for how long until cutting down to maintenance doses? Any help would be wonderful and greatly appreciated 🙂
    Kindest regards

    • For obvious legal reasons, we

      For obvious legal reasons, we cannot diagnose, merely provide information. That said, if you read through all the links on the heavy metal detox (Detox 2), you should find all the information you will need.

  3. Please email me recommended
    Please email me recommended practitioners, skilled in the detox application of this product in Minnesota.

    • This is a home remedy, no

      This is a home remedy, no special diet required.  Learn more here:  Metal Magic.

  4. How far in advance before
    How far in advance before trying to conceive do you recommend completing this detox program? In other words, should a mother wait any certain period of time after completing the program before trying to conceive? I’m not sure how a fetus might be impacted if heavy metals are “freed” and looking for new bonds.

    Is there value in the father doing this detox before conception (other than for personal health reasons) or would it really only be relevant for the mother/fetus?

    Thank you.