Colon Cleanse: Death Begins In The Colon


  1. Time Limit
    I am interested in detoxing my body, but if I follow this method, do I continue to take the supplement on a regular basis… or should I take it for a limited time and then discontinue use; then in 6 months time or a year or so on, when I want to complete another detox, start taking the supplements again?

    • I really like what you guys
      I really like what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of
      clever work and reporting! Keep up the fantastic work guys I’ve incorporated you to my blogroll.

  2. Colon Activator and Detoxifier
    Is there a specific product already that has the ingredients you mention in it? Not sure where to find that product.

    Thank you, Linda

  3. detox liver and everything else
    I have a 14 year old (not overweight) that is not eating right, a lot of sugar, carbs, sodas and has shown low thyroid in blood tests along some liver problems. She is ADHD, but constantly complains from lack of energy, reflux and constantly hungry! Her cholesterol is high as so are her tryglycerios. She used to be interested in a lot of sports an had lots of energy.  Now she feels tired and gets out of breath when she does sports,she has not gotten her period yet. I am very worried about her liver, thyroid and cholesterol and tryclycerius! Please try to recommend a program (that a 14 year old would be willing to follow!) to get her back to health!! Help!!

    • please give me the name of
      please give me the name of the product to detox my colon.

      • For obvious legal reasons, we
        For obvious legal reasons, we cannot diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions – merely provide information. That said…

        Many people with similar conditions have found a colon corrective type formula helpful. You may have to start with one capsule a day the first day, two the next, three the next, and so on until you find the right dosage. Some people have had to go as high as 18 capsules a day or more – depending on whose formula you use. Once you find a dosage that works, you can continue on it for several weeks as needed to help strengthen the bowel, and then slowly start backing it down by one capsule every week or so until you find the minimum dosage, if any, that you need to maintain regularity. Do not stop suddenly, or constipation is likely to result. Corrective formulas can often help the bowel come back to life, but you need to wean off them. Intestinal tracts do not like sudden changes.

    • That’s my question too…I
      That’s my question too…I have read so many articles and books on this and what you can take; I am too confused. Just too many supplements etc that I would never be able to afford it plus it’s hard on me to take too many supplements or my stomach is constantly sick. I had my gallbladder out 3 months ago and stones taken out of bile duct. I have been in bed ever since. I tried not to have the surgery but it became an emergency situation. I feel like I can’t go to the bathroom and I don’t go sometimes for weeks. That was before surgery and after since I was a child. I read for digestion enzymes I should have lipase, bromelin,and amylase then of course a good probiotic. I have several autoimmune diseases and the list of things are endless that are suggested for me. I know I need D, B12 injections, magnesium, and the fatty omega 3. I decide to start on this for now. I need a colon cleanse in the worst way but as the girl just mentioned isn’t there something that has all these ingredients. It is so complicated for the normal person to understand everything we need to buy to accomplish our goals of a Cleese. I have to do something soon. I don’t want to spent my life feeling as if I can’t walk again because I’m seriously carrying two bowling balls around in my stomach. It looks like this and also feels like it. My back is killing me. I’ve gained 60 pounds mostly all in my stomach. It’s hard and doesn’t even look like fat. Please advise on the easiest way to accomplish my goal with the least amount of buying so many things and trying to remember to take them all. I can’t remember all this. I’d like to buy a cleanse that someone with ADD can follow easily.

  4. 14 year old

    For obvious legal reasons, we cannot diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. You might want to read Jon Barron’s book, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, which outlines a general program for regaining health. Or you might want to find a local alternative health practitioner who can help create a personalized program for her.

    • Will this product remove the

      Will this product remove the mucoid plaque from the intestines
      and the colon walls?

  5. Three years ago I had 25 cm
    Three years ago I had 25 cm of my intestine removed as I had a big polip, since then twice a year they check my intestine and and every time they find more small polips, the exame is devastating, the preparation for the exam etc. As I’ve had some intestine taken away are there any problems if I use a Dextoxification and which should I use.
    I didn’t need to chemio or radiation, but only just.
    Thank you

  6. Hi my Aunty has been told by
    Hi my Aunty has been told by the doctors her colon has stopped working , she also has a lazy bowel syndrome will this detox help her?

    • There is only two products in

      There is only two products in the link we provided, very easy to take. One is a powder you mix with juice and the other is a pill you take at night. It can’t get any more simple really, and there is no special diet you need to do:

      • The Colon Detoxifier formula

        The Colon Detoxifier formula that Jon Barron recommends is actually binding–that is why most take it with the “Corrective” to make sure they are regular.  In your case, you would not need the Corrective, just this one:  Contact Baseline Nutritionals’ customer service for more information.

  7. Arise and shine products are
    Arise and shine products are extremely comprehensive. One must read the book to learn how to use them. The name of the book is “cleanse and purify thyself”. I’ve done the colon detox and it’s a lot of work but WOW. I don’t think there is a more comprehensive detox on the planet. It’s extremely serious. I lived in my kitchen by my juicer Lol or had to bring cases with my juices and herbs and psyllium/clay mixtures. Another way to clean your colon is to drink your own urine every morning. I know that sounds craaaaaaaaazy. But it’s amazing. I did it for a year. I had to read a book from india on it first tho b4 I was convinced. It bonkers incredible. Gives you the runs at first, but then incredible energy and all around awesomeness. Good luck

    • Hello, I empathize with your
      Hello, I empathize with your concerns re. 14 yr. old daughter.I am an RN in Alternative Medicine,clinical nutritionist and specialized Kinesiologist in private practice for 30 yrs. lectured, taught, been published, and honored by various societies. Get her off all sugars firstly, they are the worst items for the body and can cause insulin resistance. No artificial sweetners or processed foods or high carb foods. She probably has sugar cravings, and there is something to prevent that.Lack of energy can be due to thyroid, not good to use synthetic thyroid meds, low iron, adrenal exhaustion, and certain mineral depletions,imbalance in hormones, but also, the poor condition of her body, can result in missed menses Body can not deal with this natural function in this state. Limit fruits to lo glycemic 3 times a week, good food but too much natural sugar, no processed foods, fresh veg. and clean protein. Cannot give information relative to what could help her or cleansing wise in email, but if you wish,phone to talk. I muscle test for any deficiencies or organ imbalance, allergies, structural components, and exactly which product where to get and how much,how long 530 544 8557. This is all non invasive and done through kinesiology. Have 12000 hours with those on the cutting edge nationally and internationally. Dorothy

      • Mucoid plaque is not actually

        Mucoid plaque is not actually a recognized scientific term, but is used to describe any hardened materials that are “cemented” to the walls of the colon. That said, a good colon detoxifier product has natural mucilaginous properties that will soften old hardened fecal matter and any plaque-like material adhering to the walls of the colon for easy removal and also provide an excellent remedy for any inflammation or irritation in the stomach and intestines.

  8. I was diagnosed with delayed
    I was diagnosed with delayed stomach empyting and have been deathly nauseaous. My gastic specialist prescribed Reglan – 3 times daily and protonix – twice daily – before meals. In order to complete the cleanse – how do I deal with the rx and the cleanse time table? I want to complete the cleanse because I realize that the rx is only for a limited time and that it isn't actually SOLVING the problem. Is this cleanse compatible with this rx? (For a long time, I thought that the nausea was from my gall bladder surgery nearly a year ago. Drs kept telling me that "my system was still adjusting to no gall bladder.") My diagnosis was confirmed by a stomach study scan. My physical therapist recommended your cleanse.

    • Perhaps she should be tested
      Perhaps she should be tested for sleep apnea . dr’s can have you tested at home with a free test. Just ask your Dr.

  9. Hi!I've been diagnosed with
    Hi!I’ve been diagnosed with gallstones more than 15 yrs.ago with symptoms of high fever and slight yellowing of eyes. Luckily I came across an acupuncturist who advised me to strengthen my liver first before I even undergo operation. By the time my liver improved, I was lucky enough again to get info about the apple juice flush. I went thru the enema, fast and flush, did it 3-4x every year. Green stones and fine mass come out but everytime I have my ultrasound, some have become smaller and lesser but still there!! Now I read from other doctors that the stones that come out are actually due to the olive oil and lemon that I take??? I feel better each time I do it and hardly have usual abdominal pains before I started flushing the first time. Now I’m having doubts. My body is 54 years old already and I really want to get rid of my stones only and keep the bladder intact. Please advise me on this matter. Thank you so much

  10. The following Q&A from our

    The following Q&A from our FAQ section on doing a Liver/Gallbladder cleanse addresses this issue. 13. I did not see stones in the toilet, why is that? We have heard from many people that they have seen “horrible” things floating in the toilet. But many notice nothing. That’s not unusual. In many cases the stones are too small to notice — or too few. Also, using the psyllium, which makes the elimination of waste much easier, tends to encapsulate and makes things harder to see. Another thing to keep in mind is that people often confuse the little “soap” beads that the body can make out of the olive oil as stones. On the other hand, the fact the body often produces “soap stones” doesn’t mean that it isn’t also flushing real gallstones. In the end, though, it’s not what you see, it’s how you feel. Wait for a few days after the cleanse and then evaluate. Do you feel lighter and cleaner? Is your breathing a little easier, less mucousy? Does food taste better? Etc. These are the tangible results you’re after. Or if nothing else, were you able to break some bad eating habits or lose some of that extra weight you picked up over the holidays? That said, are you doing the stone softening program that Jon Barron recommends before doing your flush? This helps make the program more effective. Also, you refer to an apple juice flush. This makes me wonder if you are following a different version of the flush or protocol than we recommend on this site. If so, then you probably need to check with the people who recommend that protocol to figure out how to maximize its effectiveness.

  11. hi, i was wondering if you
    hi, i was wondering if you can help me. I have been constipated/diarrhea for years now and cant get rid of it. i had my stools checked and a colonscopy done but the doctors tell me that it comes back normal, on the side the doctor found out i have anemia, vitamin d definecy, protein in my urine and i have noticed eye floaters. I’m not sure whats wrong with me but i feel so sick im not sure what to do, can you please help me? they gave me antibiotics for the protein in my urine but for some reason it didnt work on me, they told me they didnt undertand why i had protein in my urine i think its cause of my colon cause ever since i had digestive issues afew years later i ended up getting the proetin in my urine. im not absorbing my nutrients. I;m actually doing a detox cleanse right now, the blessed herbs one but i dont feel any different yet. i’m on my third day of fasting.

  12. Hi, I live in Europe and do
    Hi, I live in Europe and do not have access to the colon corrective. Could I use the colon detoxifier and the metal magic alone or could you suggest another product that is availible in Europe that has the same functionalities as the colon corrective? Thank you.

  13. I had a metal on metal hip
    I had a metal on metal hip implant 7 years ago and have high levels of cobalt and chromium in my blood and urine. I am presently been treated with IVIg, Octogam,for an autoimmue disease, CIDP, which was caused from the metal toxicity. Since this toxicity has been in my body for a number of years and has most likely entered cells, tissue and organs, are there any proven therapies to remove the cobalt and chromium from the body. Any feed back would be much appreciated.
    Thank you,

    Jim B.

  14. What if you you don’t have a
    What if you you don’t have a Gallbladder any more, can you use this colon cleanse. I have had severe Candida for over 15 years now and I am having a difficult time getting it under total control even though I have changed my diet drastically and I use various herbal medicine to help. One of my biggest problem is constipation and I also have Chiari Malformation which I am told by my neurologist not to push because I can get massive headaches which I have proven and I can also push my brain out.

  15. I had pain in my right back
    I had pain in my right back when I lay down to sleep. I thought it was just below where the liver should be. I thought it might be my gallbladder. Next day I took dandelion root caps. One three times a day. After three weeks I passed many black, pea sized round hard stones in my stool.. I removed a few & opened them. They were white inside. I thought they were little gallstones. No more pain in the back & has never returned. I would recommend this for anyone with similar symptoms.

  16. which product would you
    which product would you suggest he tries please?

    My 85 yr old father broke 3 ribs 3 years ago.

    NHS ( in UK ) gave him a pain killer

    this took his mild constipation to a new high level.

    which product would you suggest he tries to relive any constipation as the NHS prescription of suppositories and more just cause embarrassment and only short term 2 relief

    thankyou for considering


    • Hi Jim,

      Hi Jim,

      Great question, you can absolutely remove metals from your body.  Here is a great article on it:  Note that it mostly talks about mercury and lead.  However, as heavy metals, cobalt and chromium is likely to be removed in any chelation process at about the same rate as lead.

  17. I did a breath test for SIBO
    I did a breath test for SIBO and tested positive, and severe, with constipation. Would this cleanse be beneficial for my, or potentially harmful? Thanks!

  18. I’m very interested to do
    I’m very interested to do whole body detox but I understand some of your products are only available in USA. So I would like to know if I can still benefit from whole body detox if I only order those products that your company can send to overseas?

    How long is the duration to do complete full body detox? Are we required to do fasting on certain phase?

    • Products such as the Colon

      Products such as the Colon Corrective are sold at Baseline Nutritionals.  Here at the Baseline of Health Foundation, we do not sell products nor have the staff to provide customer support.  There is a full team ready to help you at [email protected].

  19. I really need someone’s help.
    I really need someone’s help. I’ve had chronic diarrhea for about 3 months now. I’ve done lots of research on what may be the cause and things I can do to help stop it. I took Pepto Bismol on and off for 2-3 weeks and then moved on to taking Imodium. That really worked for awhile. I would only take 1 or 2 pills every three days and it finally felt like I had my life back. Then I started taking Aloe Vera Water and a few hours later started experiencing the laxative side effects. I only took 4 shots of it in 3 days and almost 2 full weeks later I’m still experiencing daily diarrhea (which, as I mentioned, I got a hold of with Imodium).
    [I stopped taking the Aloe Vera Water because I was hoping the effects I’d experienced would go away, but I plan on resuming it soon since I’m already suffering from chronic diarrhea.]

    I also took Align (a probiotic supplement) for 42 days and haven’t noticed any changes from that. I took the last of the batch today and didn’t reorder. I plan on seeing if anything changes by not taking and then I might reorder, but I am looking into other probiotics to see if I try something that really works for me.

    I also have been taking DE powder (food grade) in water for almost a week. The daily recommended amount is 1 tbsp a day, and fortunately a side effect is constipation (which at this point I hope for) but unfortunately, I haven’t experienced that. I plan on taking it two or three times a day (in between meals) to see if it can help firm things up.

    I’m writing this comment because many of the things recommended to restore colon health have a laxative effect. I understand that that’s what detoxes are supposed to do, but I was just wondering if there was any combination of things I could take that would help my colon health, help heal my colon, and help with my diarrhea problem. However, if I must use ingredients that have laxative side effects, I’m prepared to do so at this point if it will stop the chronic diarrhea in the long term.

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. And sorry for all the info, but I thought it might be relevant to include all of the things I’ve tried/am using.

  20. Hi about 3 years ago I
    Hi about 3 years ago I started drinking coffee every morning to have a bowel movement and a while back I started taking laxatives but am now off of them. I find coffee working less effectively to help me have a bowel movement and I feel like I am backed up often. I do not feel the urge to go without my morning coffee and am wondering if this cleanse may help restore my normal function? Please answer soon I am very worried

  21. Best article I’ve ever read
    Best article I’ve ever read on colon cleansing, and I’ve read many! Thank you for this detailed and in-depth look at colon cleansing, and for exposing the shortfalls of the medical community’s stance on it. Thank you also for explaining what components are needed and why.

  22. Can someone help me having a
    Can someone help me having a minor query.
    A split year ago, I got diagnosed with a candida
    I wish to look at some diet against Candida.
    In the Internet, a lot of information on this issue.
    But experiences typically diverge. And I failed to find the correct conclusion for myself personally.
    Possibly the forum members will propose a well-known diet or simply a few recipes against candida?
    I will be really many thanks for almost any assist

    Thank you!

  23. I have been having pain in
    I have been having pain in the lower abdomen on the almost side just under belly button. If im laying down it hurts to sit up and rolling over in bed. I normally have bowel problems like i cant eat without running to the bathroom 5 min later. Or the opposite with comstipation. I am 13 weeks pregnant and would like for this to stop. Could it be that i am backed up?

  24. I really need a colon detox
    I really need a colon detox and I’ve tried 20 at least all contsijing probiotics which I usually end up in the ER because I’m allergic to probiotics but I can’t find anything to detox that doesn’t contain probodics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Thanks for the information.
    Thanks for the information.