What You Should Know About Liver Detoxing


  1. I’m about to start my third
    I’m about to start my third detox, armed with my experience with the first two. Here’s what I’m doing differently this time:

    1) Get off caffeine way before starting the detox. I suspect the headaches that many people report are due to caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine needs to be tapered, not done cold turkey.

    2) Schedule a massage for the early evening of Day 1 (and more days if I can). It dispels hunger pangs and gets me over the Day 1 “grumpy hump.”

    3) Do the detox in the spring, and emphatically not in the cold weather. This year I plan to add the autumn, thus twice a year.

    • Hi Isabel,

      Hi Isabel,

      Great tips!  Thank you for sharing!  Would love for you to share your results after each detox!  Did they get easier?  Did you notice something different each time?