Advice On Doing The Kidney Detox


  1. Please send me complete guide
    Please send me complete guide how to flush out kidney stone permanently because kidney stones keep on forming back in my kidney due to high uric acid.Your immediate reply is highly appreciated.Thank you.

  2. Can I substitute either just
    Can I substitute either just apples or apple cider vinegar for the apple juice?

    • The apple juice dilutes the

      The apple juice dilutes the tincture for flavor.  You can substitute with water or a juice you like.

  3. Did the colon/heavy metal

    Did the colon/heavy metal portion of the cleanse without a hitch. However, I’m seeing some interesting side affects of the Kidney Detox.

    I tend to get a “drunk” feeling for an hour or two after taking my initial mix of juice/water/kgbflush in the morning. I do this on an empty stomach, so I’ll probably wait until I have food the remaining couple of days.

    In addition, the night after my 2nd day of the Kidney Cleanse, I got what I can only describe as feeling as if I’ve been punched in the stomach — no nausea or gas, but all my other upper abdominal organs are “aching” with referred pain in my back. I also find that I need to sleep a lot more — taking several hour-long naps during the day in addition to 8 hours of sleep at night.

    I’m a bit nervous about doing the Liver cleanse, so I’m scheduling it over a weekend just in case I get a bad reaction.