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  1. I have completed the colon
    I have completed the colon and kidney detox and am on day four of the liver and blood. I have started experiencing abdominal discomfort and blood in my stool and was wondering if that is something I should be concerned about?

    • Congratulations Paige for

      Congratulations Paige on your progress! This question was answered on our FAQ page in the Colon Detox section:  “Rectal bleeding (unlike internal bleeding) is normally an insignificant condition — similar to a bloody nose. It occurs due to a preexisting colon condition that leads to constipation and straining. As Colon Corrective wakes up the system and breaks apart toxins and build up, a few drops of blood may appear — looking quite dramatic as they spread through the water. (Internal bleeding, on the other hand, is characterized by black or dark purple stools. If you experience internal bleeding see your doctor immediately.)”