Liver Flush Tincture


  1. I love Dr Barron’s well
    I love Dr Barron’s well-researched articles – very informative and educational and up to date.

  2. Very nice information thanks
    Very nice information thanks a lot..

  3. I have an 11 year old boy on
    I have an 11 year old boy on the spectrum who is having issues with a “fatty liver”- he has a yeast over growth we are trying to control- would kutkin be safe for his age? We have him on a sf-cf diet right now- taking a probiotic and enzyme with each meal.

    • There are no known issues

      There are no known issues regarding kutkin and children, but you would definitely want to work with your son’s pediatrician in regard to giving him any herbs for treating medical conditions.

  4. What would be the protocol
    What would be the protocol for someone with Primary Liver Cancer Stage III B, Cirrhosis & Hep C? I understand that cirrhotic livers can not regenerate or be repaired. Liver cancer is not curable according to my husband’s oncologist. Though his liver function is still good, he was told that his chances of survival up to 3 years is less than 5%. The cancer would be monitored & managed by radiation and/or drugs but ultimately the liver would fail & metastasize to other areas. He is 67 yrs young & otherwise in excellent health. Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

  5. Dear Dr. Baron,
    Dear Dr. Baron,

    Is there any help or cure, or have you helped anyone to get rid of Blastocystis Hominis (a parasite). I have taken two series of medication from my doctor (metronidazole, Flagyl) but it did not help.
    I woud greatly appreciate your suggestion.
    Thank you

  6. I am a 60 y/o female and I
    I am a 60 y/o female and I have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I and am about to start taking medication for this and was told that the only way that I can cure this is through medication. I don’t believe that medication is the only way to cure Hep C and would like to know what my alternatives are.

    I have my physicals every year and only found out about this last year at the age of 59. I have never used drugs and I’ve been married for 32 years and my husband does not have it.

    • I would do a search on our

      I would do a search on our site for Hepatitis C and you can see the various articles on the topic.

  7. I need the same in India. How
    I need the same in India. How can I procure. Is there an alternate medicine for the tincture?