Day 3: Liver Detox & Gallbladder Cleanse


  1. I bought and started the
    I bought and started the liver detox and gallbladder cleanse, but I started without the “sun chlorella” and the “psyllium husk”, will my detox and cleanse still be sucessful without said ingredients?

    • If you are doing the rest,

      If you are doing the rest, you are doing the most important part of the cleanse.  Note on the tips section why we recommend those two, it is more for your comfort:

      • A tablespoon of psyllium taken with 8 oz of water or diluted juice at around 6pm along with some Colon Corrective will help keep everything moving. 
      • Two packets of Sun Chlorella taken daily with your juice will help give you energy and aid in detoxing and elimination.