Heavy Metal Cleanse Faqs


  1. You state above that a detox
    You state above that a detox should be done more often if you have more than a few amalgam fillings. Why is this? What would cause the mercury to leak into your system from them? You state above also that a Heavy metal chelator could not not even pull out the mercury in the filling, so why else would be doing it to create a detox more often as you state? Thank You, Lee

    • Great question! Yes, the

      Great question! Yes, the heavy metal chelator will not pull mercury out of a filling by itself, but that does not mean that your amalgam fillings are not constantly releasing mercury vapor caused by the act of chewing food–and the more you have, the more mercury is released DAILY. There have been over 12,000 papers published to date elucidating the dangers of amalgam fillings, but the most compelling of those studies detailed the use of radioactively tagged amalgam fillings in a controlled experiment. In less than thirty days, substantial levels of the tagged mercury was found throughout the body and brain, especially in the liver and kidneys. Studies have shown that within a month of receiving amalgam fillings, kidney function is reduced by well over 50 percent.  Today, even the FDA is starting to give warnings:  https://jonbarron.org/article/fda-cracks-amalgam-filling-cabal

  2. You say that the Metal Magic
    You say that the Metal Magic shouldn’t be taken every day… is that still the case for the first 6-bottle detox? If so, how often should you take it? Every other day?

    • Hi Melissa,

      Hi Melissa,

      It just means you want to stick to the detox schedule–either the 6 week detox or 2 week maintenance schedule–and then give your body a rest.  Some people believe you have to detox daily, throughout the year, 24/7.  We do not recommend that.  While detoxing, yes, you do take it daily, as it instructs. 

      Hope that helps,


  3. This article is just a sales
    This article is just a sales pitch with bad advice.

    1. Why would you detox while still having amalgam fillings? That’s like trying to scoop water out of a sinking boat. REMOVE the source of toxins FIRST!

    2. You’re not going to remove much heavy metals on a 30 day detox. It can take years to fully detox.

    • First, not EVERYONE wants to

      First, not EVERYONE wants to get all their amalgam fillings removed, so should they just not detox at all?  And fillings are not always the main source of heavy metals anyway.  Second, you need to do your research on removing heavy metals.  Years to detox?  You are obviously doing something not that effective.  See clinical study on removing heavy metals in 42 days and how it works.   

  4. Hi,
    I have a mining lab, doing chem and fire assays. About 15 years ago my blood pressure and pulse rate dropped. If I did anything physical I would get dizzy. Fortunately a friend recognized my problem. Started detoxing program. Checking my urine using color metrics and using a time weight average for background, and checking my urine for gamma radiation. My urine was three times background in gamma radiation along with lead, iron, mercury, several others I tested for. After several months of detox, my blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal. About ready to go again, will your detox program work for me?

    Chuck Chase

  5. Will he Metal Magic remove
    Will he Metal Magic remove heavy metals from the brain?

    • Yes. Please read the article

      Yes. Please read the article Why Do a Heavy Metal Cleanse?: “Chlorella possesses the capacity to absorb heavy metals… In studies undertaken in Germany, high doses of chlorella have been found to be very effective in eliminating heavy metals from the body – from the brain, intestinal wall, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and bone.”