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Metal Magic ™ Proven to Remove 87% of Lead, 91% of Mercury, and 74% of Aluminum naturally from the body within 42 day

LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct. 24, 2005 (PR NEWSWIRE) – Baseline Nutritionals®, a world leader in cutting-edge organic nutraceuticals and herbal formulas, announced today that a clinical study on Metal Magic, a natural heavy metal oral chelation formula, showed the product extremely effective for safely removing dangerous heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and aluminum. The study, sponsored by Baseline Nutritionals®, was conducted by healthcare professionals at The Optimal Wellness Test Research Center in Nevada.

“The problem with heavy metals is that they accumulate in the body causing numerous health problems that can seriously impact literally every major organ in the body,” said Jon Barron, Baseline Nutritional’s® world renowned product designer. “Studies show that heavy metals in the body may be implicated in Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, behavior problems, kidney dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and even paralysis. The results of this study are very exciting for those looking for a proven, natural, affordable method for removing damaging heavy metals in the body.”

The study involved fifty subjects with various beginning wellness levels, age, exercise levels, race, sex, and health levels. Subjects were first tested with clean bodies—meaning they consumed no prescription drugs, supplements, nor special diets for 1 week prior to their first use of Metal Magic. Strict guidelines were followed during the study such as restrictions in using any other supplements, OTC drugs, or from altering their diets.

The results of the Metal Magic clinical study were stunning. Over the 42-day study, test subjects showed an average of 87% overall chelation of lead, 91% of mercury, and 74% overall chelation of aluminum. Five subjects showed a 100% reduction in their lead levels, seventeen subjects showed a 100% reduction in their mercury levels, and ten subjects showed a 92% reduction in their aluminum levels thereby reducing them to 0.0 µg/g creatinine for each metal.

The study also showed that nitrigen, nitrates, and ammonias increased overall to wellness numbers by 25%. This means that the product also decreased other toxic levels that are stored intra-cellular in the body. These toxins are often the cause of very low pH numbers that are difficult to move into normal wellness range. pH ranges moved an average of 33% into the wellness range with Metal Magic. Eliminating the stored toxins and heavy metal toxins allows the cellular body to remove stored acids and other unbalancing fluids Researchers concluded that Metal Magic is a very effective heavy metal chelator and a great product for those that have very acidic pH intra-cellular imbalances.

Metal Magic is a tincture of cilantro and chlorella, processed using the Barron Effect, which makes it approximately 200% stronger than any similar formula on the market. Other studies show that cilantro changes the electric charge on intracellular deposits of heavy metals to a neutral state, which relaxes their tight bond to body tissue, freeing them up to be flushed from the body. Chlorella possesses the capacity to absorb heavy metals, thereby effectively removing them from the body. Together, these herbs create a powerful oral chelation formula.

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