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Hepatitis B Immunization, Safe?

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My wife is starting a job, working as clinical secretary in a neurotrauma unit, they are offering a hepatitis B vaccine, we have some concerns about her getting it and we need some guidance whether she should get it or not — appreciate any help you can give.


This is certainly a personal decision, and there are many reasons for not wanting to get vaccinated. However, if your wife is likely to be exposed to numbers of people with Hepatitis B or is handling waste likely to be contaminated with Hepatitis B, then the balance of the scales shifts considerably. On the other hand, if she is merely a secretary and not exposed to blood or other infectious materials, then the danger is minimal. In either case, one of the major problems with any vaccination is thimerosal, the mercury based preservative. There are now thimerosal free Hepatitis B vaccines. If your wife chooses to get vaccinated, at least make sure they use one of those options.