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Herpes, Chicken Pox, and Shingles



I just finished reading your interview with Mike Adams, and I was very impressed with your knowledge, especially about the bird flu issue. It seems Super ViraGon, because it is such a good virus killer, will be a good product to have handy when the bird flu hits. I’m wondering if the Super ViraGon can also be used for someone who has the herpes virus. How would it interact with other supplements such as: Vitamin E, Camu Camu (Vitamin C), whole food multi-vitamin, and coral calcium?


HSV is incurable because it “hides out” in certain nerve cells of your body for life. When the virus is triggered to be active, it travels along the nerves to your skin. It then manufactures more virus and sometimes generates new sores near the site of the first outbreak. The good news is that when the virus emerges from the nerve cells, it is vulnerable and can be killed. Using immune enhancers and pathogen destroyers can indeed help to minimize both the number of recurrences and their severity.

There is no problem using Super ViraGon with any of the supplements you mentioned.

As a side note, chicken pox is also a herpes virus that never completely goes away. It too hides out in nerve cells, waiting for the immune system to drop its guard years down the road so that it can emerge as shingles. Using immune system boosters and pathogen destroyers regularly minimizes the chances of shingles’ outbreaks. Also, using Immunify topically on shingles outbreaks (in fact, on all herpes outbreaks) can prove remarkably helpful in speeding recovery.