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Normally, I don’t publish many of the testimonials we receive, but in this newsletter, I’m going to break form. A couple of things have happened over the last month that I think are worth sharing.

First, we completed our Fifth Annual Worldwide Group Liver Detox. Each year, we’ve promoted this event to encourage people to participate then pretty much ignored it when it was over. But this year, I’d like to do something different. I’d like to share with you some of the emails we received from the 600 participants — both good and bad. Let me say that the overwhelming response, as usual, was positive. On the other hand, there were definitely some people who had more of a detox reaction than they could handle. I think sharing these stories will help you understand the positive impact of the liver detox on your health (both immediate and long term) and possibly encourage you to make the detox a regular part of your own health routine and maybe even join us next year in the group event. (Note: I actually recommend doing the liver detox twice a year.)

The other happening of note was that Today’s Health and Wellness magazine recently completed their subscriber evaluation of my Essential Relief topical oil formula. In a shameless plug, I want to share with you some of the results that Health and Wellness sent us from the 85 randomly selected members of their Product Testing Program who evaluated the formula. Seriously, the results were so positive that if you, or anyone you know, suffers from muscle pain (either chronic or occasional athletic stuff), you will want to read this.

Incidentally, for both sets of testimonials, I’ve included a representative sampling of both positive and negative comments at about the same ratio that we received them. I think it’s important that you see both sides. I’ve also done minimal editing, which means that some of the grammar may be a bit idiosyncratic — but in return, you get a much more accurate sense of the feeling behind the testimonials. Enjoy.

Comments from the Worldwide Liver Detox

Rheumatoid Arthritis

“This is my 5th liver detox, and the best gets better each time. I just want you to know my results and convey how beneficial the detox has been to me who has been managing my chronic severe RA on my own for 5 yrs.

“I did have a few hours of healing crisis mainly in my ankle and wrist and neck joints on the 4th day. But by the 5th day my body felt more energetic and capable of ambulating (with the aid of a cane which I use for my own safety and steadying when my husband is not walking with me) for longer periods of time, which is a good thing indeed! I just feel cleaner and guess what I noticed about my tongue?? It is a clean bright healthy pink which I don’t recall seeing in a long time. (I generally have to scrape it to try to make it look clean) For all of the above results I had with this detox, I would say I made it with flying colors and for this thought I can SMILE!!!!”

Cecilia A.


“I made it till the last day, just living it one day at a time, with the exception of a few instances of minor discomfort, everything went fine. I am a diabetic, controlled only with supplements and diet. Some times it’s not controlled so well, but during the detox, my blood sugar went to normal — the same with my blood pressure. Today I had my first salad and I feel wonderful.”

Gloria A.

More Energy

“This DETOX was just awe inspiring. This is my second and my thanks to Jon for the DETAILED schedule; it really kept me on track. There is so much to remember that it was really helpful checking the schedule all day long to make sure I was getting everything.

“My Saturday and Sunday were the best days. I found I had so much energy that I was buzzing around the house doing projects I had been putting off for months. On Sunday afternoon my dog and I went for a long hike in a wilderness area not far from my house. The colors, smells and sights seemed to be so intense I sometimes felt like I was HIGH. (Hope I am allowed to say that….lol.) I never really felt hungry, even on Sunday, but it was an almost religious experience to set down to that LARGE salad and finally get to CHEW something.

“I only wish there was a way I could convert/convince more people of the value of this.”

Gordon H.

Donating Blood

“I’ve always appreciated finding the ‘rhythm’ of the fast; getting to the point where I know how much of what I need to max on the cleansing, moderate the spaciness, and keep things moving through. I always used to do the more macho one day “Big Gulp” liver flush instead of this more gradual approach, which I must say I prefer.

“So it’s been pretty smooth. So smooth, in fact, that I donated blood today. (It was the last day of a blood drive at the military hospital where I work — and they are down on their stores). It was cake, err. tea, until I got back to my desk, at which time I decided I’d be best served to kick my feet up on my desk, lean back, and breath — but 5 minutes later I was really good-to-go and have been more productive at work than I expected. I was concerned that I not ‘hit the wall’ during the work week, and I haven’t; so if it gets intense over the weekend I can just lay low, have time to take an enema, etc. Don’t think blood donation is really a good idea overall, but I did want to participate. Got a great tee shirt!”

Marshall W., DC

Floaty Bits

“My husband and I just finished the liver detox. From day 1, immediately after the first round of tinctures, I had a headache until day 3. Doing everything as prescribed; at the end of day 4, I decided to weigh myself, prompted by the feeling of heavy legs and your email that day about dehydration. To my surprise, I had gained 4 lbs, while my husband had lost 5. I decided to do a long sauna, came out 2 lbs down. Not satisfied, I drank some cranberry/apple juice and also a veggie juice with parsley, which I think is a diuretic. By morning I had lost another 2+ lbs. I felt a bit better after that! Also, during the cleanse I had some symptoms including itching skin, tiredness, brain fog, and also, as I am an athlete, I noticed that I was unable to do much of my workouts because my legs just felt too heavy. If I ran 3 miles, by the end of the day, I felt like I had run 20.

“End of day 5 and day 6 I noticed a ton of little white bits mostly flat and irregularly shaped, in my stools and several floaty masses, cloudlike and white. Interesting stuff indeed. My husband and I realize what a major undertaking it is for you to run the yearly detox, but as this was our first liver detox we appreciated all the support you provided. We probably never would have done it on our own.”

Leigh C.

Easier than I Thought

“This was actually easier than I thought it would be, and I must say the results are super. Here are some results:

  • I lost eight pounds.
  • Blood sugar was always in the normal range. This afternoon it was 72.
  • Blood pressure dropped to 110/70.
  • I have an outstanding sense of smell.
  • My appetite has reduced (I’ll try to stay good).
  • I also was able to focus at work easier, and
  • My ability to meditate and pray was easier as I wasn’t agitated.

“In the beginning I experienced mood swings, but then I was calmer. The morning garlic drink was not bad — tasted like an Orange Julius. At first the tinctures tasted bad, but with organic vegetable juice, it tasted more like a Snappy Tom.

“This is the best way to start the New Year, and dare I say it, I am looking forward to the next one.”

Art P.

Low Blood Pressure, Needed to Stop

“I tend to have low blood pressure to start with, and last evening I started to have a very bad headache as well as feeling nauseous. I went to bed for a couple of hours and felt better. So I decided to go off the fast, for now.

“I am in the middle of a renovation project and my stress level is high at the moment, I will wait to try it again when I can relax more.”



Tinctures Too Gross, Needed to Stop

“I did not make it. My head hurt all night long, and the tincture is too gross for me. Normally, I could do something like this. I think it is way too radical for my first time ever trying something like this. I like the broth ok and the tea is good, and was able to make it to bed, but I just can’t continue.”


Looking Forward

“Both Jerry and I had a much easier time with the detox this year. The schedule made it easy, especially when I was at work at lunch time and Jerry could just check out what he was supposed to do. It took a lot of guesswork out of when to do what because that drove me crazy last year. I know it doesn’t have to be followed to the “T”, but trying to sort out everything can be a challenge.

“We both lost weight, Jerry 10 pounds and I lost 8 pounds. It was all excess from the last two months of vacationing and the holidays, so we are glad it’s gone. However, we are both determined to continue with a healthy eating plan and take off the rest this year.

“It’s hard to compare how I felt during the detox because I had a cold as well as a knee problem, so my mind was on other pains. The fasting was much easier than last year and energy level better. Last time we didn’t take the chlorella. Every morning after the drink my stomach was nauseas, but after about an hour everything was fine. We didn’t get hungry. Jerry said it was really easy this year and he had no problems other than the desire to chew something (and to eat a handful of raw almonds). By the last day, though, we were really counting the hours for a salad, and looking forward to eating other food. Since we still haven’t noticed real hunger, we realize how much of eating is just a habit.

“We’re looking forward to continuing the detox and joining everyone again next year.”

Mary Ann

Allergies and Blood Pressure

“This was my first time doing the liver detox. I must say that I feel great and lost seven or more pounds (have not weighed in a few days). My sense of taste and smell did change. I normally have year round nasal congestion but now I can breathe freely, which I think helped with the old taste buds as food tastes better, clearer. I have borderline high blood pressure and so decided to go off meds while detoxing and to my great surprise the pressure readings were even lower than with the meds, WOW! Now that’s amazing to me. I thought I would be stuck on these meds for life…not anymore. I am so glad I participated this year and look forward to additional improvement in my health. Hope to join you next year.”


And the Most Dramatic Liver Detox Story that I Know

This is from several years ago. Enjoy:

Comments from the Today’s Health and Wellness Essential Relief Evaluation


“I had a kink in my neck so I used Essential Relief oil. I loved it! When I applied it for the first time, I felt a warming sensation. Within a half hour, I was already feeling a release of stiffness and in two days it was gone. Thank you!”

Elre L.

Neck and Shoulders

“My husband has severe stress in his neck and shoulders every night after work. We put just a drop on him every night and he felt instant relief. Nothing has ever been this effective. We love the natural ingredients vs. the other products that are loaded with chemicals. Thanks for allowing us to test this. It has been a lifesaver. I will definitely spread the word to others.”

Sharon B.

“I’ve had four neck surgeries and have severe neck and shoulder pain. I put some of this on and it took the stiffness and pain away within minutes. Works better than most crèmes I’ve tried!”

Clara S.

Knees and Lower Back

“I’d recommend the Essential Relief pain oil because it works. I have pain and I put it on both my knees and my lower back. I felt it working right away on all three areas where I have pain. I am able to move around 100% better after applying the oil. It’s a miracle, and I thank you for it.”

Maxine M.

Wrists and Legs

“I’m a pharmacy technician working 8 hour a day typing prescriptions. By the end of the day, my wrists and legs are sore from bad keyboard position and standing. When I first tried Essential Relief, I immediately felt relief. The inflammation I had soothed out after 15 minutes, and my joints relaxed the next day, almost like getting a massage.”

Estella Q.

Shoulder Blade

“Worked well on my still sore shoulder blade. Pain was gone within half an hour. I applied Essential Relief pain oil on my lower back which ached upon awakening in the morning. Pain disappeared within a few minutes. What a relief! (Essential Relief is an appropriate name!)”

Marilyn N.

Muscle Pain, Stiffness

“If you want relief from pain, without having to take pills, this is the product for you. I have a lot of muscle pains and stiffness and Essential Relief brought the relief I needed so I could sleep at night.”

Kevin B.

Sore Muscles

“I recommend this product as an alternative to using Ibuprofen for sore muscles. I am quite active in both my job and at home and I found relief from soreness after extensive activity!”

Hilma C.

Hip and Leg

“I suffer from debilitating pain in my hip and leg. Some days, after walking, is nearly impossible. After trying Essential Relief, I was able to enjoy a pain free day. Thanks for making this product.”

Fern P.

Muscles Strain

“I consistently have muscle strain in my left shoulder up through my neck. Historically, the only thing that would provide even short-term relief was to have a deep-tissue massage. The Essential Relief pain oil is awesome. I only have to use it occasionally (once to twice a week) to receive relief from pain! By the way, did I say the product was AWESOME?!?”

Dale J.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

“It worked on my aches & pains quickly and effectively. Then the true test was when I handed the bottle to my stepfather who has been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for over five years and has had a hip replacement. He said it helped soo much…he wanted to know where to buy some. He can walk better and painlessly.”

Victoria D.

Didn’t Work for Arthritic Knee

“I have a very arthritic knee, so was very anxious for this to work, but unfortunately it did not help — not even a little bit.”

Velva M.

Didn’t Work for Hands

“I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and psoriatic arthritis. I put product on my hands where I have arthritis, and all I felt was stinging sensation. No alleviation of pain.”

Tia R.


“Tested it for pain due to shingles. I have it on my side, and as this is rather painful condition; I would say this is the ultimate test! It worked! Amazing results. The pain just melted away. Please do not use this if you have shingles on your face because it can burn the eyes.”

Hester W.

Lower Back and Shoulders

“Should have been invented years ago. I highly recommend Essential Relief Pain Oil. Quick relief on my lower back and upper shoulder blade. Best pain reliever I ever used. Thank you very much. The Essential Relief Pain oil is extremely valuable to me.”

Richard M.

Back Pain

“I love this product. After trying it for back pain, this product provides the most effective pain relief.”

Tsivia B.

In the end, three quarters of the people who tested Essential Relief for Today’s Health and Wellness, said that it worked spectacularly. One quarter said it didn’t work for them or it cost too much for the relief they got. Health and Wellness gave Essential Relief their seal of approval.

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Bottom line: that puts the odds of Essential Relief working for you at three to one. In horse racing, that would be called a favorite. Essential Relief is available from Baseline Nutritionals®.