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Magnetizing Water

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Note: in the following article I refer to “magnetizing water” and “magnetized water.” This does not mean that the water has acquired a magnetic charge, only that the water has been subjected to a strong magnetic field, which has changed certain properties of that water.

It is always amazing to me what people are drawn to. Ever since I published Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, I have probably received more questions on one topic than on any other. In the chapter dedicated to water, I devoted three paragraphs to using magnets to increase the bioavailablity of water. For some reason, those three paragraphs have probably elicited more questions than anything else in the book. So let’s explore this topic in a little more detail

The Need for Water

Water is essential for life. It is the primary solvent and transport system in our bodies. All nutrients and fuel are carried into our cells on water. All waste is carried out on water. Our blood flows because of water; our nerves transport electric charges via water. Water is fundamental to the existence of all life. But not all water is created equal.


Although all water consists of the same basic H20 molecules, water nevertheless varies according to how these molecules bond together to form “water molecule groups.” To put it simply, it is in the size of these groupings that water differs.

The smaller the groupings, the more bioavailable the water is — the more easily it is able to pass through cell walls, to transport nutrients and remove waste, to facilitate all of the the communications systems in your body, and to pass through your body as a whole. The larger the groupings the more inefficient water is at performing these same functions.

What holds water molecules together in clusters is surface tension. This is what you see when you wash your car and the water beads up in droplets on the hood. When washing your car, you use detergent to break that surface tension — which breaks apart the large molecular clusters, making the water wetter and better able to clean. Obviously, you can’t use detergent to “improve” the bioavailability of your drinking water. But you can use magnetics.

Magnetizing your drinking water breaks its surface tension, making it wetter and more useable by every cell in your body. In addition, there’s a strong secondary benefit. Applying a magnetic field to water can not only make it wetter, but it can also raise its pH (up to a full point, depending on the water).

The difference is not subtle. Over the past couple of years, Kristen and I have had at least 100 people over our house who have taste tested the water. First they take a drink of the water that comes from our filter. Then they taste the same water that has been magnetized. NOT ONE of those 100 has failed to notice the difference. The standard comment is, “It tastes wetter.” The difference is that pronounced.


The ratio of small cluster water to large cluster water changes over time in your body. When you are born, there is a high percentage of small cluster water present. As you age, however, that percentage steadily drops — eventually becoming almost nonexistent.

One of the problems is that small cluster water is not stable. (The electric charges inherent in water continually cause the small clusters to bind together into larger and larger clusters. And to make matters worse, the process is accelerated when water is exposed to air and light.

Water On the Market

Recently, in health food stores, I’ve noticed that they are now selling small cluster water in little bottles for large prices.

It’s not that the water is not good. It is. Small cluster water significantly enhances your body’s ability to absorb nutrients (including all of the vitamins and minerals). And it also aids remarkably in any detoxification programs you run. (As a side note, it also makes any prescription drugs you take more “effective” for the very same reasons — something to keep in mind if you use such things.)

But the bottom line is why would you want to pay inflated prices for small amounts of clustered water when you could have as much as you wanted for FREE?

Instructions for Magnetizing Water

Take a large sun tea jar and use epoxy glue to attach several ceramic disc magnets (800 gauss or better) to the jar. Make sure that north is facing in for all of the magnets that you attach. You can find disc magnets almost anyplace that sells magnets. We used the magnets off of an old Nikken mattress pad. We used 10 magnets — 5 on each side of the jar. They worked great. You could easily taste the fact that the water was “wetter,” and they raised the pH of the water a full 1/2 point. Water placed in this jar will fully magnetize very quickly — in 5-10 minutes, or less.