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Q & A With Jon 2006

Question: Vitamin B

I have read on several websites that vitamin B compounds are made from activated sewer sludge and from cows’ liver which is contaminated with various nasty things. Also, I read that most minerals in pill form are simply metallic powders and cannot be readily absorbed. Lastly, I read that harmful coal tars are used to make vitamins, and coal tar is very deadly. How much truth is there to the above statements in your opinion?


That’s both true and not true. Many vitamins are naturally extracted from living sources. For example, beta carotene is frequently extracted from seaweed. But it can also be “made” from acetylene gas. And yes, the two forms of beta carotene do behave very differently in the human body. As for vitamin B12 coming from sewage? Yes, at one time B12 was processed from sewage, but not any more. It is now “grown” from yeast in fermenting vats.

But that said, the issues surrounding vitamins and minerals are much more complex than simplistic sourcing statements. You really want to read Chapter 7 of my book, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, which goes into the issue in great detail. You can download a free copy at https://www.jonbarron.org/detox/book-free-lessons-miracle-doctors.

Question: Aneurysm

Using some of your products and others as well, a recent CAT scan revealed that I no longer seem to have the nasopharyngeal carcinoma diagnosed about one year ago. However, it also revealed a new problem. It seems that I now have an aneurysm on my aorta, 5.5 centimeters in size. Unfortunately, I must receive all my medical care from the Veteran’s Administration, and they have scheduled me for a surgery consultation in the near future. Needless to say, I would like to avoid that if possible.


Aneurysms (brain or aortic) appear to carry a genetic component, but still largely seem impacted by dietary and environmental factors. Smokers and drinkers, for example, seem to have them more often. Destruction of collagen, in particular, seems to be a significant factor. Considering that fact, it would definitely appear that supplements can impact the condition. Check with your doctor about using supplements that improve the health of cardiovascular tissue and that rebuild collagen. These would include:

  • A good antioxidant containing OPC’s, or grape seed extract; and Quercetin certainly would be high on the list. The main claim to fame for these particular antioxidants is that they help strengthen and repair the walls of blood vessels.
  • L-carnosine helps prevent damage to proteins including collagen
  • Avocado/soy unsaponifiables can help stimulate collagen production, as can Type-II chicken collagen

Question: Vegan or Not

Do your probiotics capsules contain animal products? What products of yours contain animal ingredients?


The only non-vegan ingredients that I use are the emu oil in my topical formula, Essential Relief and the UC-II undenatured chicken collagen in the Triple Jointed formula. I went back and forth on these ingredients for months. But in the end, the ability of the formulas to provide profound relief was undeniably enhanced by the addition of the emu oil and UC-II, so I used them. For what it’s worth, the oil from just one emu is enough to enhance some 35,000 bottles of Essential Relief, and there’s only about 13 mg of UC-II in each capsule of Triple Jointed. In both cases, though, that small amount makes a huge difference.

Question: Digestive Enzymes

I have been taking your Digestive Enzymes for a couple of months and now I am concerned over some news I heard about enzymes. The reports said that taking digestive enzymes causes the lining of the esophagus to thin which in turn can cause other problems.


If we’re thinking of the same report, it was talking about Acid Reflux disease in which a corrosive mix of primarily stomach acid and a small amount of enzymes backs up into the esophagus. That has nothing at all to do with taking digestive enzymes, which actually minimize the risk of Acid Reflux Disease.

Bottom line: It’s not a concern.

Question: Amalgam Fillings 1

Will your Metal Magic formula leech mercury from my dental fillings, shrinking the size of the fillings and making them small enough so that they could actually fall out of my head altogether?


Metal Magic cannot pull out mercury pressed into a filling. All it does is break the electrical bond that ties the metals to body tissue (freeing the metals up), then binds to those freed metals and flushes them out in the urine. It has no impact on the mercury in fillings or on surgically implanted metal sutures or plates or pins.

Question: Amalgam Fillings 2

I have several amalgam fillings that will be removed by a biological dentist over the next couple of months. In the meantime, I had a DMPS challenge that showed my mercury level was at 72 and my lead level was at 7 or so. I have ordered your colon cleanse package from Baseline Nutritionals® and am wondering how you check the mercury levels to know when the mercury is out of the system. I have read recently that the DMPS challenge is not recommended. I am assuming that I can begin with the heavy metal detox before I have the fillings removed and then continue afterwards.


No single test tells the whole story because of where heavy metals deposit in the body and how they get there. Challenge testing can be useful, but also can present a problem because it can pull mercury out of amalgam fillings causing it to circulate in the bloodstream. Hair testing can also be useful, but reads several weeks in the past and is subject to false positives from heavy metals deposited directly into the hair. Urine testing is effective at showing the levels of heavy metals in the bloodstream but not necessarily the heavy metals locked in your bones or teeth.

In the end, urine testing is probably the most useful since it shows the levels of heavy metals that are actually affecting the body at that particular point in time.

As for Metal Magic, you can use it before, during, and after amalgam filling removal. If you use it before, it just means you will have that much less to remove after. And note: unlike DMPS, Metal Magic does not pull mercury out of fillings.

Question: Amalgam Fillings 3

Is it OK for someone that has a mouth full of mercury amalgams to use an oral chelator like your Metal Magic to remove all of the mercury that has leeched into my blood and soft tissue? I would tend to answer yes to this question, but I talked to a holistic dentist who I respect and has been at the forefront of carefully removing mercury amalgams from people’s mouth for many years. His answer was that he thought that it was safer to use the chelation after complete removal of the amalgams. His concern, which is also mine, is that by taking the oral chelation while still having mercury amalgams, it would/could release more toxic metal from these amalgams? I haven’t been able to find any research or writing on this and would love to hear what you think.


Absolutely, you can and should use Metal Magic if you still have amalgam fillings in your mouth. The problem with mercury is the “cumulative” build up in in your blood and organs. If you don’t remove the mercury from your body, it will just continue to build to ever higher levels. And it’s worth keeping in mind that removing your amalgam fillings does not end your exposure to mercury; it’s present in much of your food supply. If it were true that removing mercury from your body made you more vulnerable to future exposure, then you would never be able to remove the mercury since you are always exposed to new build up, even after your fillings have been replaced. Correct?

But in fact, since the build up is constant, the best thing to do is to periodically cleanse the mercury from your body so that the build up never gets too high and try and minimize the rate of future build up (watching what you eat, removing amalgam fillings if you wish, etc.). Fortunately, that also works for the vast numbers of people who are not going to replace their amalgam fillings.

Question: Juicing

What do you think of juicing? Are the any juicing machines that you like better than others? Do you prefer centrifugal, masticating, single gear, twin gear, auger type, or Norwalk hydraulic type press juicing machines?


I’m very big on juicing and juice fasts. In fact, I believe that a good juicer is probably the single best investment you can make in your health. At the high end, I like the Green Star Gold Juice Extractor, around $450. And at the low end, there’s the Miracle Juicer, around $90.

My recommendations are based on a combination of extraction and ease of use. Ease of use weighing at least as heavily as extraction — maybe more so.

  • In terms of extraction, the Norwalk does the best job, but is the most difficult to use and clean. I eventually got rid of my Norwalk because I found that I rarely used it.
  • After the Norwalk, I like the twin magnetic gear system used in juicers like the Green Star. I like the fact that I can also throw wheatgrass into the juicer and it will do a reasonable job juicing that too. But the Green Star has a big footprint on the counter and takes a bit of effort to clean, not like the Norwalk, but still a bit of an effort. I pull it out for fasts, when I’m going to be juicing heavily for several days in a row — and then just clean it at the end of each day.
  • However, the juicer I use most is the Miracle Juicer. It may not have the best extraction method, but it does a reasonable job. Its main advantage is that it’s quick to use and clean. In other words, with the Miracle Juicer, it’s not that big a production to just make a glass of fresh squeezed juice whenever you want — which is pretty much what most people want out of a juicer.

In the end, it’s your call. How do you intend to use your juicer? Maybe you want two juicers in house like I have to accommodate different juicing regimens.

PS: And then there’s the VitaMix juicer. It juices the pulp so that you get even more nutrients than a conventional juicer (nutrients in the skin and fiber). On the other hand, because there is so much fiber, you don’t get as much juice — which concentrates the nutrients. VitaMix certainly tells a great story, but over 99% of healers who recommend juicing recommend traditional juicers. It’s a thought.

Question: Magnetic Polarity

I was just reading your article about magnet polarity. I have to disagree with your conclusion about which pole is north and south. The pole of a compass that points north is actually the south pole because, as you say, opposite poles attract and same poles repel so the pole of a compass needle pointing north must be the south pole. It is labeled north because it points north. If a magnet repels this pole, it therefore must be the north pole.


I know it might sound wrong, but the statement in my report is indeed correct. It really is counter-intuitive, but maybe this will help.

Magnetic North is one of several locations on the Earth’s surface known as the “North Pole”. Its definition as the point where the geomagnetic field points vertically downwards (i.e. the dip is 90°) was proposed in 1600 by Sir William Gilbert, a courtier of Queen Elizabeth I, and is still used today. It should not be confused with the less frequently used Geomagnetic North Pole. Magnetic North is the place to which all magnetic compasses point, although since the pole marked “N” on a bar magnet points north and only opposite magnetic poles are attracted to each other, the Earth’s Magnetic North is actually a south magnetic pole. Whew!

Question: Magnetic Orientation

We were taught in India, during our Magnet Therapy classes that to magnetize water we need to put a bottle/jar of water, with magnets of opposite poles facing the jar, and NOT both the North Poles facing the jar. So which method is correct? Plus we were asked to leave it for 12 to 16 hours for each bottle to get magnetized — and that was with huge magnets of a very high power. Please advise what to do. What happens if we over charge the water for a longer period, too?


You can use either N-N or N-S. The only configuration to avoid is S-S since it is over-stimulating.

As for time, you can’t over-magnetize. The water can only be affected so much. And as for having to go 12-16 hours, no tests that I’ve run have shown any significant advantage to magnetizing that long. The water appears to have benefited as much in a few minutes as it does in several hours. It, of course, doesn’t hurt to keep the water in the magnetic field, and it does keep the water at maximum potential when you drink. Note: once out of the influence of the field, the water will tend to revert to its normal state in about 12-24 hours.

High gauss works quicker than low gauss. And the bigger the container, the longer you will have to wait for the same number of magnets to do their work. It’s all a question of how long it takes for all of the water to enter the magnetic field. The bigger the field the faster it happens. The larger the container, the longer it takes. In other words, if you use more magnets, it will happen faster.

By the way, you might want to check out Michael Pedersen’s article on Magnets and the Bioavailability of Water. The end of the article details experiments on the effects of orientation.

Question: Rebounders

What is your opinion regarding rebounders as a form of exercise? They are hyped up to be the best way to circulate the lymphatic system by several reputable sources, yet I find no mention of them on your site or book.


I like rebounders and have recommended them in the past. However, they are not a miracle exercise device. For example, they do not stretch the spine, joints, ligaments, and muscles. You still need stretching exercise. In the end, I prefer a variety of aerobic, weight bearing, and stretching exercise. Rebounding can play an important role in fulfilling those requirements — but it is just a piece of the puzzle.

Question: Probiotics

I have a question about the colon cleanse. In your book, you say that “For some people, a good probiotic formula alone will serve to wake up their colon and get it working again.” I’m 25 years old, eat fairly healthily, eat 2-3 meals per day and have 1-3 bowel movements per day. I’m wondering if I’m “one of those people” who can get by with the probiotic formula, or if I should go ahead with a colon-activator. I really want to clean everything out of my colon that’s not supposed to be there (old fecal matter, toxins, PARASITES, etc.), but not if the probiotic will do that for me.


We’re talking about two different things here.

  • A colon corrective, which helps activate the bowel
  • And a detoxing agent, which draws out old fecal matter and drug residues, etc

If you are having 1-3 good bowel movements a day, you may not need the corrective. But having regular movements does not eliminate old dried fecal matter stuck to the walls of the colon and heavy metal residues, etc. that are actually embedded in the tissue that makes up the colon. For that you need a drawing agent such as the Colon Regenerator formula. Note: you may need to use the Colon Corrective while detoxing because the detox powder can be binding. One of the main ingredients in the powder is montmorillonite clay, which is binding.

Question: Progesterone Crème

Why don’t you sell progesterone creme in your product line?


Actually, here at the Foundation, we don’t sell anything. I try and keep the Foundation as non-commercial as possible, even in regard to my own products. My products are sold by www.baselinenutritionals.com.

But in answer to your question, I only formulate and sell those things that no one else sells, or products that are difficult to get of sufficient quality on the market. If somebody else already makes an effective, reasonably priced version of a product, I won’t bother to make or sell it through Baseline Nutritionals®.

Question: Candida

Please tell me anything you know about Candida and health problems it causes. Do you have a remedy for this?


For Candida, I usually recommend:

  • Clean out your intestinal tract with an intestinal detox
  • Boost your immune system
  • Take antipathogenic supplements that contain things like garlic, olive leaf extract, and/or wild mountain oregano extract to directly kill the Candida
  • A product called Kolorex Intestinal Care, which is available on the net and is a specific for Candida
  • Rebuild your intestinal flora with a beneficial bacteria formula that works for you.