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Removing Heavy Metals from Children


Question On Removing Heavy Metals in Children:

My grandson is four years old and has high levels of lead. Can he use your herbal oral chelation formula to remove the lead?


You certainly want to run anything you give a child by his pediatrician for approval, but you can remind the pediatrician that Metal Magic is made from the foods chlorella and cilantro. If he doesn’t see a problem with your grandson eating chlorella and cilantro, then he shouldn’t have a problem with him eating them together in a liquid formula.

His one area of concern might be the alcohol content — the oral chelation formula (as is true of all my liquid tinctures) is an alcohol extract. But when looked at realistically, that should not be a problem. Tinctures are approximately 50% alcohol by weight or approximately 1 oz per bottle. For an adult using 12 droppers a day, a bottle will last one week, give or take. For a child using half that dosage, about 2 weeks. That means that each day he would be getting about 7/100 of an ounce of alcohol — virtually nothing.

In general, all of the formulas I make (with the obvious exceptions of formulas that are specifically designated for adult men and women) are suitable for children in modified amounts. These are not medicines, they are technically foods, and just as you wouldn’t feed a child a 28 oz lumberjack steak special, you wouldn’t give him/her a full portion of an herbal formula. Talk to your doctor and use common sense.