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Sugar Lipid Formula

The sugar/lipid formula was not actually created as a diabetes formula. It was created as a sugar/lipid metabolic assistance formula. That is, it was created to help the body better handle those foods (white bread, muffins, potatoes, rice, popcorn, candy, cakes, ice cream, soda pop, and plastic fats, etc.) that are so much a part of everyone’s diet today. Whereas someone with a major sugar problem might use 6-9 capsules a day; a person with no problem still might end up using 1-2 capsules a day when eating anything that contains those foods that cause serious metabolic disruptions in the body — to smooth out the metabolic “spikes” that come from eating that kind of food.

Last week, Kristen and I went house hunting in Durango. While on the road, we ended up eating a great deal of food that we would not normally eat. By using the sugar/lipid formula with every meal, we accomplished three things.

  1. We did not have the major swings that come from eating high glycemic food. We didn’t jack up when eating lots of bread and dessert — nor did we crash an hour later. The sugar/lipid formula smoothed out the body’s glycemic response.
  2. As a result, the formula protected the liver and pancreas from the damage that comes as a result of those swings — thereby serving as protection against the future possibility of diabetes.
  3. I lost 2 pounds in four days while eating very badly. The formula inhibited the absorption of both the carbs and fats in the “on the road” food that we were eating.

Although this formula could easily be perceived as a diabetes formula, at heart, it is more accurately a metabolic assistance formula, suitable for everyone. When used that way, as a preventative, for most people, a single bottle will last 3-4 months, making it an incredibly economical addition to your supplement program.

Anyway, for those of you who didn’t read the reports on the sugar/lipid formula because you don’t have diabetes and didn’t think it related to you, here are the links once again for the information, in case you want to check it out this time.

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