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Supplementing For Gray Hair

Reduce Gray Hair

Reduce Gray Hair Naturally

Gray hair is one of those things that tends to be different for each person. What helps for one, may not help with another. And with some people, nothing seems to help at all. Certainly, over the years I’ve seen many people benefit from many things.

  • Numbers of people have claimed that my antioxidant formulas such as Ultimate Antioxidant have helped with their gray hair.
  • Some have benefited from supplementing with Omega-3 oils.
  • Others have claimed benefit from megadoses of B vitamins, particular choline, inositol, and PABA (pretty much the Melancor formula).
  • Some from HGH secretagogues.
  • Still others from herbs such as Fo ti.
  • And many have claimed benefit from trace mineral supplementation.

But for each person who has achieved results, I can show you testimonials from others that have received no benefit.

The best I can tell you is to explore all options to see if you can find anything that works for you. Incidentally, I must be doing something right. I’m 55 in my website picture. And although I’m now almost 59, I don’t look substantially different (see my newsletter picture) — although when I’m out in bright sunlight, you can definitely see gray hair making an appearance. Such is life.