Audio & Podcast Natural Health Information -- By Jon Barron

Audio & Podcast Natural Health Information | By Jon Barron

This section of the site is broken down into several different sub-categories. Here you will be able to listen to various different radio show archives, podcasts, and even a audio version of Jon Barron's book Lessons From the Miracle Doctors!

Free Audio Book:  Take Back Your Health Audio Series

If you are too busy to read, enjoy Jon Barron's free audio series called "Take Back Your Health" that parallels many of the chapters in Jon Barron's book Lessons from the Miracle Doctors -- with a few added nuggets of information.

Radio Show Podcast Archives

Jon Barron has been heard on many radio shows across the US including 1010 WGUN, 960 KZIM, 1300 WERE AM, 89.7 FM KACC, 89.3 FM WMKV and is the resident health expert for the 1680 AM "Healthy Trends" radio show in LA.  Listen to Jon Barron and Dr. Romel Axibal on these fun, informative health podcasts aired live in LA!

Sign Up Page For Jon Barron's Health Podcast

Here you will find the official Baseline of Health Podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the Baseline of Health Podcast since it is regularly updated!

Press Interview Archives

Listen to a few popular recordings of past radio show interviews featuring Jon Barron.