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Coffee Enemas For Detoxing The Colon

Coffee Enema

Question: Do You Recommend Coffee Enemas?

I’ve heard about people doing “Organic Coffee Enemas” for further cleansing of their colon, and the research I’ve read from different web sites on it make it seem like a good way to enhance my health. I’ve read that some people do the enema up to once a week all year round. What is your opinion?


In general, I am not a great fan of “regular” enemas and colonics. I believe they are much more effective on an occasional, as-needed basis. In general, I believe you are better off doing periodic herbal cleanses, rebuilding the beneficial bacteria throughout your intestinal tract, and using water-soluble fibers such as psyllium or ground flax for a complete colon detox.

As for coffee enemas in particular, they can be of great benefit in detoxing since they have the ability to open the bile ducts and stimulate the liver. For an optimal liver detox, check out