Detox Program – 2007/2008 Annual Global Detox Event Sponsors

Full Body Detox Program Event Sponsors | Natural Health Newsletter

Thank you to our sponsors for making our final, 6th Annual Detox Event the largest online detox event in the world. In 2007, we had over 2,500 participants from over 40 countries join our event. Due to the popularity of the event, we have turned the event into a self-guided detox program where everyone can use our free information found on this website to detox any time of year! Hope you enjoy the online center and pleas check out our supporters!
The Health Sciences Institute is dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine. Subscribe to their newsletter for a minimal fee. Founded by Mike Adams, aka “The Health Ranger,” is dedicated to educating people around the world on how to achieve peak human health. His newsletter also covers major issues in health freedoms.
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“"Brilliant information. My ultimate 'trusted' source for health/medical information."”

M. Petrini, Los Angeles, CA

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